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Several rumours pointed to a brand-new Donkey Kong game launching this year

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Several rumours pointed to a brand-new Donkey Kong game
Donkey Kong’s 40th anniversary is happening this week (Picture: Nintendo)

Although several reports have pointed to a completely new Donkey Kong game arriving this year to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the original game, nothing has been confirmed.

It seemed quite probable, based on the fact that so many different sources had reported its existence, plus the fact that the number was round, yet the game was missing from Nintendo’s E3 Direct.

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To date, leaker Zippo (one of the first sources of the rumour) has released a new blog post, which confirms and even expands on the rumours.

One of the things that stands out is that they have designated it as a‘multimedia juggernaut,’ similar to the Super Mario series.

Projects that have been established ahead of time include new products, a new animation, and an expansion of a theme park.

For years, Donkey Kong fans have wondered whether a Donkey Kong expansion would be added to the Super Nintendo World theme park, and now there are reports that something new is indeed on the way.

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It was specified that their sources had no information as to whether it was a movie, like Illumination Entertainment’s Super Mario movie, or a TV series, like Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop.

In the past, Nintendo has claimed that it is interested in bringing its various brands to animated form, and as of recently, the CEO of Illumination has joined the company’s board of directors, which makes it seem like there will be several projects in the future.

Besides, Donkey Kong has been a game character for over three decades.

While there is some controversy as to the quality of the 3D animated Donkey Kong Country series that aired throughout the late 1990s, those who watched it fondly recall it either because of nostalgia or because of the memes it spawned.

This is all Zippo can say about the game at this time: ‘The team at Zippo had no further details on the project, but they stated that it was excellent news for fans of the Big N because DK is being taken seriously by the company again.’

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It’s feasible, but the announcement is being held until the 40th anniversary on Friday, July 9, so it’s quite unlikely we’ll hear anything.

Even without a dedicated game, it does seem weird, as it is the first appearance of Mario, credited simply as “Jumpman” in the original coin-op game.

Despite all Nintendo did to bring attention to last year’s 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., it seems unusual that no one noticed this week’s far more momentous occasion, even with the rationale of the flu pandemic.

According to a variety of trustworthy sources, there have been many rumours about the legendary Nintendo Switch Pro, which is allegedly Nintendo’s successor to the Wii U.

This wasn’t shown during E3, and since then, it’s unknown whether the rumours were accurate, the plans have been scrapped, or the release has been delayed.

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Several rumours pointed to a brand-new Donkey Kong game launching this year
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