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When Clare Crawley’s health took a turn for the worse, it made her think about removing her breast implants

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This season of The Bachelorette was special since it was recorded during a pandemic and saw multiple Bachelorettes replace Clare Crawley when she fell in love with Dale Moss.

When Clare Crawley's health took a turn for the worse
Paul Hebert/ABC Clare Crawley

Even in her record-breaking debut as a reality TV contestant, Clare was making history.

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Clare openly shared her health difficulties and the lifestyle adjustments she’s making to better her health, including the removal of her breast implants.

Clare finally gets answers about her health troubles

When Clare took a break from posting on social media, she announced that she was dealing with her health issues.

It has been reported that Clare has been suffering from medical concerns for years and has struggled to find a firm diagnosis.

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My skin had an intense outbreak of hives and redness. My whole body is on fire.

“Blood tests following blood tests.”

It was a trip to the chiropractor that helped her finally identify the issue and figure out a solution. Clare found out that one of her breast implants was making her glands swell and her whole body respond poorly.

My implants are attacking my body. My body is broken. I’m always in fight mode. It all makes sense.

Clare opened up about the state of her health because she felt she had to. This helped those who are going through something similar to realise they are not alone, and gave them the strength to be advocates for their own health.

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Dale encourages Clare to have her implants removed

Clare claimed that Dale helped her remove her breast implants without feeling defined by her physique. Dale [Moss] commented on how ‘Your breasts are not what makes you lovely’.


And it’s true. I’ve held that belief for a long time.

Clare responded, saying that the greatest love storey is “loving [my] body enough to realise that this is not what makes me attractive. It is all that counts to me.

Congratulations on your honesty, love.

I know this was hard but will be a big help to others going through what you are. All the way with you, I love you.

Following Clare’s update, many people revealed that they, too, have had similar health difficulties stemming from breast implants.

Clare was grateful that she was able to make people feel less alone, and so was grateful for those who were still with her during this process

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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When Clare Crawley's health took a turn for the worse, it made her think about removing her breast implants
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