The Biggest Film! Outta Eastern North Carolina! Premieres At Regal Cinemas – Freedom Of NC

GREENVILLE , NORTH CAROLINA , USA, July 8, 2021 / — The Biggest Film Outta Eastern North Carolina Premieres at the Regal Cinema in October!!!!

The premiere of upcoming filmmaker film “Freedom Of NC”, which is written, directed, and produced by James Jones Jr. will take over the Regal Cinema Grande in Greenville, North Carolina on the 9th October 2021.

The movie “Freedom Of NC “ is a inspirational out of box film. It’s abit touchy to most.
It touches on the injustices of today’s dealing heavily on discrimination.
A Fourteen year old Sarah Jones Portrays the daily struggles of a little slave girl until she sees the light!! Her mother and five brothers are in for an emotional roller coaster to say the least. Sarah Jones will be compared to all the greatest female abolitionists to date, for her perservernce to reach the FREEDOM land  called Regur, a magical  place which name means “Black Soil”. Her family’s world is forever changed in this land where Black Kings and Queens RULE!

The official trailer of the movie was released in the first week of April.

Actress and singer Vinetrice Reynolds age (14) makes her debut with a lead role in “Freedom Of NC”.
The film starring actors are
Patricia Uzzell, Carmichael Griffin, Gilbert Epps, Stewart Fields, Antwan Sharpe, Marquise Johnson, and Yanna Buttons.

Producers are James Jones, Marquise Johnson and Carmichael Griffin.

Tickets are on sale now online.
To purchase tickets and a trailer of the movie visit the website

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Author: James Jones Jr.
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