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‘Zola’ proves a Twitter thread is the best form of storytelling

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A24 has given the world another reason to head to movie theaters. “Zola” is based on a Twitter thread from 2015 which tells the story of A’Ziah “Zola” King’s mind-boggling trip with an unlikely acquaintance. With incredible performances across the board and an artistic style anyone can appreciate, I loved every second of it. The film tells the story mostly word for word, or in this case tweet for tweet, creating one of the most suspenseful, yet entertaining, movies of the year so far. “Zola” is a must-see, and the list is endless as to why.

‘Zola’ proves a Twitter thread is the best form of storytelling

Taylour Paige plays Zola and is easily the best part of the film. Her narration is worth the price of admission. Every joke lands, and she can carry scenes on her back with the slightest facial expression. This is the first film I have seen Paige in, and I am fully on board to see any project she takes on in the future. Riley Keough plays the unlikely acquaintance, Stefani, who also does an unbelievable job with her role. Stefani is a character who comes off as extremely nice, but almost too nice, and then sits in the back of your mind as the film goes on. At one point, Zola literally tells the audience to watch every move Stefani makes, and you get to pick up on so many instances of symbolism throughout the film because of doing just that. The performances elevate this film to a level of perfection, and you become completely submerged in this world without even knowing it.

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