Florida officials and the Haitian-American community reacted swiftly to Mose’s assassination in Haiti on Wednesday

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Haitian citizens’ worries are magnified by the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse.

Haitian leader and his wife were murdered by a team of gunmen in Port-au-Prince on Wednesday.

There has been increased violence and protests against Moïse’s increasingly dictatorial administration as of late.

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Florida officials and the Haitian-American community reacted swiftly
Photo: WJCT News

Officials with the HAFT Tampa Bay, however, declined to discuss political matters. They claimed it is unsafe to fly to Haiti and many local families are concerned about relatives who are still there.

“For the Haitian community, we extend our condolences to the family and our best wishes for peace in our dear country,” the statement added.

Opponents urged for Moïse to step down, alleging that his term had ended in February.

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However, prior international interventions in Haiti, especially the United States, bolstered the president’s claim to another year in office.

Unrest among the region’s poorest country has fuelled riots and gang violence that is spreading.

Some cities are in the hands of rival gangs.

Kidnappings and food and fuel shortages are on the rise.

Several Florida legislators have commented on the topic.

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Ms. Wilson and Mr. Monestime penned an editorial in the Miami Herald, where they recommended that President Biden appoint a special envoy to Haiti.

Demings said she asked for “complete transparency and an independent investigation.”

Republican Senator Marco Rubio also said the assassination of President Moïse would further destabilise Haiti, which he termed a “act of cold blooded murder.”

Haitians in Florida are worried that the country is returning to tyranny.

Moïse, who had seven prime ministers in four and a half years in charge, dissolved the Haitian parliament early last year.

For almost a year he’d ruled by decree and wanted to enhance his executive power by amending the constitution.

In the lead-up to the killing, the government of Moïse promised to hold presidential, legislative, and local elections in the fall.

U.N. special envoy Helen Meagher La Lime believes the only way out of the violence in Haiti is through free and fair elections.

Police chief from Haiti reported that four suspects were killed after the assassination.

Two others were arrested as well.

First Lady Martine Moise is currently being treated in a Miami hospital.

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Florida officials and the Haitian-American community reacted swiftly to Mose's assassination in Haiti on Wednesday
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