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Researchers at the University of Canterbury are working to develop carbon-neutral/negative green hydrogen

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Clean ‘green’ hydrogen is being developed in New Zealand using sustainable ‘green’ technologies by the University of Canterbury’s engineering researchers.

New Zealand’s forestry and agriculture sectors’ tree and plant waste will be used to produce green hydrogen.

Using this clean energy source, we can replace fossil fuels, like coal and natural gas, for transport, industry, and home heating.

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green hydrogen

Researchers at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand are building cutting-edge Deep Tech platforms to manufacture clean hydrogen using renewable energy, notably biomass resources, solar energy, and water.

The research intends to maximise hydrogen production by integrating CO2 capture during gas processing that optimises equilibrium chemistry to generate better reaction efficiencies in biomass gasification with thermochemical water-splitting.

There are other possible benefits.

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Many indigenous peoples have interests in the forestry sector, including attempts to protect and improve cultural connectedness.

To engage tangata whenua (particularly forest owners) in the advisory group will bring these cultural and economic benefits.

Replacing fossil fuels with renewable fuels will help fuel-intensive sectors and exporters to offer low-emission products at a low cost.

Additionally, this procedure will substitute substantial fossil fuel imports with local produce, utilise local renewable and sustainable resources, and return the trash responsibly to the soil.

Endeavour has provided NZ $1 million for smart ideas research with MBIE’s help.

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Researchers at the University of Canterbury are working to develop carbon-neutral/negative green hydrogen
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