ScooTours: London’s first ever e-scooter guided tour announces launch date

Dott is the leading European micro-mobility operator that offers riders off-beaten track tourguides around eccentric and historic landmarks within popular city destinations.The Dutch-French e-scooter company has e-scooters available in around 20 European countries including France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany and Poland.

Riding around London’s eco-friendly toue route will cost £35, including the £10 rental fee for the Dott e-scooter, helmet and high-vis jacket.

Participants must also be over 18 years old and have a valid driving licence to ride a Dott scooter.

A spokesperson for ScooTours said: “The Hidden London Tour provides an interesting, alternative look at London’s history.

“And it also creates the perfect setting to ride an e-scooter, potentially for the first time. After the tour, you can enjoy the opportunity to continue riding your e-scooter and keep exploring!”

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Author: Hannah Hastings
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