The scandal surrounding Prithvi Shaw

The controversy surrounding Prithvi Shaw was mostly an unwanted extra for him

Prithvi Shaw is returning to international cricket, but if the Test squad in England made a late request to fly him in from Sri Lanka, this only tells him the team values him even though his stock in international cricket varies drastically.

At one moment, he was being acclaimed as Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara, and Virender Sehwag all wrapped into one; at that very moment, he was disregarded after one test in Australia, and it felt as though he was “worthless”.

He has achieved Player of the Series honours in Tests, was an IPL finalist, and earned an away Border-Gavaskar Trophy during a remarkable campaign.

Prithvi Shaw was dropped from the Test side after just one Test in Australia, Getty Images

It’s tempting to think where Shaw would have wished to be.

Open in challenging conditions versus the Dukes ball versus James Anderson and Stuart Broad or make a claim for a T20 World Cup place versus a shaky Sri Lankan side.

Shaw will be moving on. He will play 3 ODIs and 3 T20Is in Sri Lanka. Reunited with Rahul Dravid, his Under-19 and India A coach, the job.

Shaw just had a conversation with Sachin Tendulkar, who is India’s only twenty-something to achieve a century in Test cricket.

Shaw’s task is intricate. Opening the innings has never been harder in Test cricket. Home sides are prepping pitches to aid bowling attacks. They relentlessly exploit any weakness.

It quickly became evident that he tended to only use his hands and he was noticeably late with his feet.

When the ball moves around, this happens to players. As they expand up on the open side, they begin to have issues. Let’s examine Sehwag’s performance pre-Shaw.

In 6 full innings, Shaw scored 102 runs and was twice removed by balls that arrived in his top half. According to that, bowlers have a lot to work with.

This could be why he never got another Test in Australia.

His game is not broken. It’s bowling in difficult conditions, which always tests a hitter who is at the pace that Shaw is hitting. Regardless of the circumstances, Shaw may only get better with advice from Tendulkar and time with Dravid.

Until the South Africa trip, those conditions will not stand in his way. Let’s prepare for limited-overs cricket immediately.

Opening the innings is a breeze for Indian openers, while batting later on is a challenge for them.

His strike rate of 150.19 since April 2018 is much ahead of all other Indian T20 openers. Modern reasoning dictates that when you bat slower, you injure your team more. When he was suffering last year, he didn’t resort to buying form from the team.

Shaw struck 124.98 per 100 balls in List A cricket, and averaged 58.18. Compared to other openers, who infrequently play domestic List A matches, Shaw’s statistics are far better.

Actually, only one other opener since Shaw’s debut, Ishan Kishan, has posted a better-than-run-a-ball ODI run total, and just barely.

Shaw is the game-changer that can push India’s limited-overs cricket to the next level. He’s red-hot too. Shaw topped all bowlers in the Vijay Hazare Trophy this year.

Three batters have scored more runs than his 308, but nobody in the top 20 has gone faster.

The net becomes occupied by batting to bat, bat, and bat, according to Delhi Capitals coach Ricky Ponting. Additionally, senior management from England will be keeping an eye on things.

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