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Millions face frustrating Freeview TV glitch but there’s a way to fix the problem for free

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Millions face frustrating Freeview TV glitch but there's a way to fix the problem for free

Freeview continues to grow in popularity and it’s not hard to see why. This service offers a swathe of content without paying any expensive monthly subscription charges to firms such as Sky or Virgin. However, despite the attraction of viewing TV for free, there is a problem for Freeview with some users of the service being hit by annoying glitches that wreak havoc on the picture and sound quality.

These problems stem from the way Freeview is received by the aerials that are attached to millions of homes across the UK.

The frequencies used by some mobile services are close to those previously used for free to view TV. As a result, there is a small chance that aerials, TVs, or set-top boxes can struggle to receive a good signal when new mobile masts are being activated nearby.

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Mobile networks are constantly upgrading their equipment and when they do, some homes begin to suffer.

According to the latest reports, Edinburgh is next on the list for a big mobile upgrade with users being warned that their TV signal may start to suffer intermittent sound issues and a blocky picture whilst the work is being undertaken.

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It sounds hugely frustrating but if your TV is suffering from these annoying problems then there is a simple fix.

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Restore TV, which is actually part of some of the UK’s biggest mobile networks, is offering a free filter that can be self-installed and should help clear up the image and sound on TVs.

Restore TV says that they will send out the filter to anyone responsible for their own aerial.

Full instructions are included with the firm even providing further advice online or by phone.

In most instances, fitting the filter will resolve any TV interference. However, if it does not and you are eligible, Restore TV may be able to arrange for an engineer to visit your home, at no cost.

Speaking about the issue a Freeview spokesperson told Express.co.uk: “As some the frequencies used by mobile services are close to the frequencies used for TV it’s possible that mobile broadband services can interfere with TV signals, particularly if mobile operators are making upgrades in the local area.

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“If viewers experience new TV interference following such work, Restore TV is an independent programme created to help fix disruption to TV received through an aerial, such as Freeview.

“Restore TV can send out filters that will block the mobile signal from interfering with your broadcast TV signal entirely free of charge.”

And Ben Roome, chief executive of Restore TV, added: “We know just how important TV is to inform, entertain and provide welcome company. Restore TV exists to ensure we all can continue to access free to view TV as mobile services are improved across the UK.”

“In most instances, fitting the filter will resolve any issues, but if this isn’t the case, we may also be able to arrange a follow-up visit from a Restore TV engineer at no cost, depending on eligibility.”

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Millions face frustrating Freeview TV glitch but there's a way to fix the problem for free
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