Piers Morgan urges England fans to be ‘classy and respectful’ amid ‘hypocrisy’ claims

A second added: “Two days ago he’s saying we are coming out of lockdown too soon, clearly not following his own advice. Obviously not too concerned.”

A third penned: The man who has continually criticized people without masks, not following rules, big crowds that ‘kill people’ Cheltenham in particular. Calling people covidiots for having a view or questioning anything. Tonight is football and heyho, amongst thousands of people. Where’s truth eh?”(sic) a third person remarked.

Others sent their support for England on Piers post.

The following day, the journalist returned to social media to defend his time at Wembley Stadium.

He penned: “Very happy to attend outdoor events where everyone is either fully vaccinated or has had a lateral flow test.

“Not so happy if everything gets opened up on July 19 without such requirements, and with covid cases surging so fast + many millions still unvaccinated.”

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