‘Surreal!’ Three Lions given pep talk by Tom Cruise ahead of Euro 2020 final

Having a personal call with the team, Mr Cruise told the team to “bring football home”.

“They were very fortunate,” England boss Gareth Southgate said.

“They had a preview of a film that’s due out further down the line.

“And they had Tom dial in to speak to them, which I’d imagine was quite surreal.

“I was in a meeting watching videos of Italy… but that’s another story.

“They all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and, yes, they’ve had a good week… Ed Sheeran and Tom Cruise – the life of an England footballer.”

Sunday’s match marks the first time the England team has advanced to a final in 55 years.

The 1966 World Cup stands alone as the only time England have won either the Euros or the World Cup.

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“They’re meticulous in the way they prepare and I know, from talking to people who work with Roberto, that will be the case with this team.

“They’ve had an incredible run – three draws in 30, never mind any defeats.

“It’s remarkable for any team. It tells us the size of the task.”

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