‘What planet are you living on?!’ Brussels chief aghast as Danish MEP erupts in angry rant

The Danish People’s Party MEP launched a bitter rant at the Brussels chief during a heated plenary session in the European Parliament on Tuesday. Mr Kofod slammed theEU’s Commissioner for Migration and Home Affairs over the bloc’s failure to manage the European migrant crisis. Ms Johansson sat stony-faced as the Danish MEP accused her of “living on another planet” if she thought the EU refugee crisis had been resolved.

Mr Kofod told the plenary session: “It’s quite surprising to be sitting here listening to the debate and suddenly the Commissioner says that Europe is no longer in a migration crisis.

“Commissioner, what planet are you living on?!

“This is a time of whole people migrating. We have mass immigration from the near East and Africa that really is shifting the sands of the landscape of the Europe we love.

“We are seeing ghettos, more and more criminality in Scandanavian and European countries,” claimed the MEP.

There are areas where rule of law no longer applies!” the MEP claimed.

Mr Kofod continued: “You must acknowledge the existing problems of migration in this continent.

“If you don’t acknowledge the problem, you can’t solve the problem.”

“This system will never resolve the issue and I’m really disappointed!”

The clash claim amid reports that Belarus’s dictator Alexander Lukashenko is “deliberately” forcing arriving migrants to the border with Lithuania in an attempt to trigger a crisis for the EU.

Reporter Konstantin Eggert told DW News: “In the last 24-hours there were 130 plus migrants that crossed the border which is more than the whole of last year.

“This is being repeated for days and weeks and probably even more.

“The situation is becoming very serious.

“Charles Michel has promised today his and the EU’s help to the Lithuanian president and the government who is struggling to accommodate all those people.”

He continued: “Data from the Lithuanian border guards shows that the Lithuanian-Belarussian frontier has become completely porous.

“People are just climbing over a fence and running across the border!

“Belarus suspended its participation in EU’s eastern partnership and in the EU migrant readmission agreement which obliged Belarus to take illegal migrants, crossing from his side, back.”

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Author: Tim McNulty
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