'Airbnb of boats' aims to make unique UK holidays 'accessible and affordable'

‘Airbnb of boats’ aims to make unique UK holidays ‘accessible and affordable’

'Airbnb of boats' aims to make unique UK holidays 'accessible and affordable'

The concept of commandeering a private yacht, or being driven through England’s canal ways might sound like an expensive one, but according to Borrow a Boat’s CEO, the platform boasts plenty of well-priced options.

“Boat rental can start from as little as £40 a day,” said Mr Ovenden. “Remember that you can split rental costs between your travel group, so if there are four adults boating together, it can be as little as £250 each for a week’s sailing boat rental.

“That is very reasonable considering you can self-cater on board and the boat provides your overnight accommodation, plus you can see many attractions and take in the sights as you travel around.”

These kinds of savings are likely welcome news to British holidaymakers, particularly withs suggesting the cost of a week-long holiday in popular places such as Cornwall have soared well into the thousands.

“Avoiding peak season when demand is high, such as school summer holidays and half-terms, can also help bring costs down,” advised the boating expert.

Of course, Borrow a Boat also has a selection of ritzier options, with sailing yachts starting from £1,000 per week and fully skippered luxury superyachts starting from approximately £10,000 per week.

While amenities onboard vary depending on the type of vessel hired, Mr Ovenden points out that most offer more than enough space to allow for a comfortable stay.

“It really depends on the boat in question, but most yachts will have a saloon and kitchen, plus a number of cabin bedrooms and bathrooms, and a cockpit space to sit comfortably and watch the world go by,” he said.

“Some have self-contained cabins for overnight stays, but RIBs that are built for speed, for example, will have fewer amenities and work best for hourly rental.

“Borrow A Boat Plus lists a wide range of luxury boats, yachts, and superyachts whose amenities can include jacuzzis, champagne bars, dining rooms and water skis. Some even have a helipad.

“Choose your boat based on your preferences and factor in any overnight stay requirements.”

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