heat waves sweep across the western United States

As heat waves sweep across the western United States, wildfires in Northern California spread

heat waves sweep across the western United StatesSan Francisco (Associated Press)-As another heat wave hit the western United States this weekend, firefighters worked hard to contain the wildfires in Northern California that exploded in blazing temperatures, prompting overheating warnings in inland and desert areas.

On Friday, the temperature in Death Valley National Park in California reached a staggering 130 degrees Fahrenheit (54 degrees Celsius) and may reach the same high temperature on Saturday. If confirmed, the 130 degree reading will be the highest temperature recorded since July 1913, when the same furnace river desert area reached 134 degrees Fahrenheit (57 degrees Celsius), which is considered the highest temperature reliably measured on earth.

Beckwourth Complex-two lightning-caused fires burning 45 miles (72 kilometers) north of Lake Tahoe-after doubling in size between Friday and Saturday, from the Sierra Nevada forest area to the northeast The direction of the fire showed no signs of slowing down.

There have been several fires in the mountains of northern California, destroying more than ten houses. Although there were no confirmed reports of damage to the building, the fire prompted approximately 2,800 people to issue evacuation orders or warnings and also closed nearly 200 square miles (518 square kilometers) of Plumas National Forest.

Fire Information Officer Lisa Cox said that on Friday, the rising hot air formed a huge, smoky cumulus cloud thousands of feet high and produced its own lightning.

The on-site fire caused by embers jumped a mile (1.6 km) before the northeast side—too far for firefighters to fight safely—and the wind gathered the fire into dry fuel-filled trenches and canyons, There “it can actually speed things up,” Cox said. Flames reached 100 feet (31 meters) in some places, forcing firefighters to focus on building bulldozer production lines to protect houses.

Cox said that firefighters usually use cool, humid nights to extinguish fires, but the high temperature and low humidity never stop. More than 1,200 firefighters were assisted by the aircraft. But it is expected that the fire will continue to move forward.

She added that the air is very dry, and some of the water dropped by the plane evaporates before it reaches the ground.

“We expect more of the same things to happen the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow,” Cox said.

After fire officials made better observations, the fire was only controlled by 8%, and the fire increased sharply to 86 square miles (222 square kilometers).

This is one of several threatening homes in the western states. As the high-pressure zone covers the area, triple-digit high temperatures are expected throughout the weekend.

The National Weather Service warned that dangerous conditions could lead to heat-related diseases, and California’s grid operator issued a statewide Flex alert between 4pm and 9pm on Saturday to avoid interruptions and Power outages in turns.

The California independent system operator warned that the potential power shortage is not only due to high temperatures, but also because a wildfire in southern Oregon is threatening the transmission lines that carry imported power to California. Governor Gavin Newsom (Gavin Newsom) issued an emergency announcement on Friday, suspending regulations to allow more power capacity, and ISO requires other states to provide emergency assistance.

On Saturday, driven by strong winds, the size of the fire in Oregon doubled to 120 square miles (311 square kilometers) as it was in Fremont-Vine, near the town of Sprague River in Klamath County. Thick wood passes through the Ma National Forest.

NV Energy, the largest electricity supplier in Nevada, also urges customers to save electricity on Saturday and Sunday nights, as heat waves and wildfires affect transmission lines throughout the region.

In Southern California, a large rig in eastern San Diego County sparked a bushfire on Saturday, forcing the evacuation of two Native American reservations.

In north-central Arizona, Yavapai County on Saturday lifted its evacuation warning for the unincorporated town of Black Canyon City, 43 miles (66 kilometers) north of Phoenix, after fires in nearby mountains no longer pose a threat.

A wildfire in southeastern Washington spread to nearly 60 square miles (155 square kilometers) because it darkened grass and wood as it entered the Umatilla National Forest.

In Idaho, Governor Brad Little declared a wildfire emergency on Friday and mobilized the state’s National Guard to help extinguish fires caused by thunderstorms that swept through dry areas.

Firefighters in north-central Idaho are fighting three wildfires triggered by lightning, covering an area of ??62 square miles (160 square kilometers). In Dixie, a small remote community about 40 miles (64 kilometers) southeast of Grangeville, the fire threatened houses and forced people to evacuate.

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