Discover Your Untapped Potential

Discover Your Untapped Potential

The YOU beyond you and the Ultimate Human Secrets

LONDON, UK, UK, July 11, 2021 / — Human potential— its depths remain a true mystery for most people. One theory about untapped human potential blames a lack of motivation. This line of thinking states that some sort of driving force paves the way to achieving our highest production levels. In other words, human beings need a reason to push further, dig deeper, and go the distance. Without the dangling ‘carrot,’ we tend to flounder in a comfortable but mediocre state.

For Ramzi Najjar, establishing Securita, one of the world’s leading insurance brokerage and consultancy firms serving clients in the Middle East and North Africa, could have been his one outstanding achievement in life. However, Najjar had always felt there was more to accomplish—that some human beings only scratch the surface of their talents and potential. And he was not going to be one of those people.

In his book, The YOU Beyond You, Najjar explains several practical and self-tested methods designed to dissolve the barriers that keep us from reaching our potential. Najjar says some of these barriers include detrimental beliefs, negative energies, and harmful habits gathered through our experiences. In The YOU Beyond You, Najjar provides strategies to unlock life’s deepest secrets and how they operate within us and our environment.

Najjar believes that regardless of the circumstances surrounding your birth, all human beings experience life through the same lens of subjective perception. Najjar adds that we shape these perceptions with our beliefs and personal experiences, including what we learn from others.

Additionally, our chaotic lives don’t provide the time to stop and discover the reality surrounding us. We compound this issue with our natural instinct to allow our beliefs and perceptions to direct our lives. The problem—we inherit so many of these perceptions from others, creating a collection of misleading ideas. Finally, these mistaken ideas erect a wall of mental blockages that hinders our ability to recognize and understand our own reality.

Within the book, Najjar demystifies the concept of perception, explaining that it’s only a tiny fragment of the forces that affect how we experience life. Najjar explains we all have the potential to dissolve our mental blockages. In doing so, we gain access to life’s true nature, and we use it to expose the true depths of our knowledge potential.

According to Najjar, having this access allows us to achieve even our most ambitious life goals. And for Najjar, unlocking this deeper layer is the act of discovering your best, most authentic version of yourself—or ‘the YOU beyond you.’

Najjar’s book explains that the ‘YOU beyond you’ concept is the act of making sense of the intricate network that ties our mind, body, and spirit to our environments. It also recognizes that the delicate connections between these aspects can help anyone develop their potential.

While Najjar has been interested in these concepts most of his adult life, his real ‘push’ came with the COVID-19 pandemic. The silent solitude and copious time mandatory lockdowns created provided the perfect space for Najjar to reflect, develop, and grow.

“COVID-19 created the time [I] needed to put all of the realizations and knowledge from my life into my book, The YOU Beyond You – The Knowledge of the Willing,” states Najjar. Published in July of 2020, the book summarizes Najjar’s experiences from childhood to the modern-day and aims to explain the mysterious concept of reality and how it impacts the human experience.

Najjar believes the topic of hidden unconscious secrets of life has no end and new details can always be discussed. With that in mind, he wrote The Ultimate Human Secrets elaborating in further detail the concepts and dynamics he discussed in The YOU Beyond You. “It is a manuscript that entails all dimensions of our reality and existence on physical, biological, and metaphysical levels,” says the author. “The Ultimate Human Secrets is a manuscript detailing our existence and will help readers apprehend and apply a different approach to living based on the actuality of life formations both on the biological and psychological levels.”

The YOU Beyond You—The Knowledge of the Willing and The Ultimate Human Secrets are now available on Amazon.

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Discover Your Untapped Potential


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