Survey: Norwegians expect an increase in corona infection but are not very worried about it

According to the Norwegian Corona Monitor by Opinion, four out of ten Norwegians believe that the number of corona cases will increase in the time ahead. 

While 42% believe an increase will ensue, 30% state that they believe in a decline. So far in July, 28% of those surveyed say they believe the number of infected will remain unchanged.

The proportion of those who believe in an increase has increased by 15% since June.

The Delta wave

“The reopening of Norway with more open borders, as well as the danger of a delta wave, makes Norwegians less optimistic about the infection situation,” senior adviser Nora Clausen in Opinion, noted.

Throughout the pandemic, 120,000 Norwegians have been asked whether they believe the number of new coronavirus cases in Norway will increase, decrease, or remain unchanged.

According to Clausen, the trend over the past four weeks has been that more and more people expect increased infection in the future. But Norwegians are no longer anxious in relation to the increase. 

On the contrary, most people are less worried about getting infected, probably due to more people being vaccinated, Clausen explained.

Vaccination pace

In the same survey, 50% stated that they have confidence that the pace of vaccination in Norway is effective, while 34% said they didn’t have confidence in the vaccination pace in the country. 

The proportion of those who have confidence in the vaccination pace increased by 8% since June and has never been higher.

“There is little doubt that more and more Norwegians are happy with the pace of vaccination,” Clausen concluded.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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