Someone Thinks They’ve Resolved Nintendo’s Joy-Con Drift Problem With An Incredibly Simple Fix

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If you’re desperate to salvage those drifting Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and have watched all the videos online (including our own), and still haven’t had any luck, a new video that’s surfaced on YouTube is claiming to have solved the Joy-Con drift problems once and for all.

VK’s Channel on YouTube identified how the Joy-Con realigns when pressure is applied to the surrounding area of the analog stick. Therefore increasing pressure within the Joy-Con (which loosens over time), makes the drift disappear.

Surprisingly, this fix doesn’t require any technical know-how. All you have to do is open the case and insert a small piece of paper or cardboard (say the size of a business card) where the analog is located. Yes – it’s that simple. It’s further explained how the prongs inside the controller lose contact with the pads, and the paper fills the gap and restores pressure.

The YouTuber also notes how their own drifting Joy-Con have been working fine for around two months now, and that the same fix can be applied to Nintendo Switch Lite. Skip to 5:55 to see the main fix in action.

Keep in mind, inserting things into your controllers (even pieces of paper) is at your own risk, and will likely void any warranty. Will you be giving this incredibly simple fix a go? Leave a comment down below and tell us if you’ve had any luck with this fix yourself.

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