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Virgin Media and BT eclipsed by hyperfast broadband at price that’s hard to believe

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Virgin Media and BT eclipsed by hyperfast broadband at price that's hard to believe

Virgin Media and BT are both bringing blisteringly quick broadband to more homes across the UK. These Internet Service Providers (ISPs) now offer ultimate 1Gbps downloads to millions of properties which allow users to whizz full HD movies to their TVs in a matter of seconds. It’s impressive stuff but this new technology does come at a price.

BT and Virgin both charge around £60 for their best broadband which makes it a very expensive option. As a comparison, you can get 100Mbps downloads for around £25 per month if you shop around. If that price has put you off making the jump to hyperfast broadband then help could be at hand thanks to one of Virgin and BT’s rivals.

Hyperoptic has been pumping speedy broadband into UK homes for over 10 years and the firm has just announced a sale that features prices that are pretty hard to believe. Right now, anyone who joins this ISP can get 1Gbps broadband for just £35 per month – that’s almost half the usual price.

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That deal is for the first 12 months with things then switching back to the standard £60 per month cost. There’s also no activation fee to pay and installation is all free.

If 1Gbps sounds too fast for your needs then Hyperoptic is also offering 500Mbps speeds for £30 (usually £50) or there are 150Mbps speeds for £25 (usually £35).

The only thing to be aware of is that Hyperoptic isn’t in all areas of the UK just yet. The firm is growing but you’ll only find this connection in 43 towns and cities.

If you have Hyperoptic in your road then you can find the deals here.

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1Gbps might sound like something everyone will want but do you really need it? That’s an interesting question and there’s no doubt that, in the future, these speeds will be a necessity of any house. The web is a bit like a motorway with the more traffic running through it the slower it will get. That means busy homes with a slow connection will find things grinding to halt as more people use it.

The hypersonic fibre broadband service offers blistering downloads with a full HD movie taking under a minute to download.

A PlayStation 5 game from the digital store – like Red Dead Redemption 2 (99GB) – will take 4 hours and 20 minutes on the average UK broadband connection. That drops to 14 minutes when connected to 1Gbps speeds.

That’s all very impressive but services such as Netflix only require a speed of 25Mbps to stream 4K Ultra HD content. So, it’ll take a small army regiment streaming The Haunting Of Hill House in your living room to get close to maxing out that Gig1 allowance.

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Of course, if your house is full of connected gadgets and your kids are streaming games all day long whist you’re downloading 4K movies or trying to make the morning Zoom call this will be a welcomed addition.

If that’s not your home then anything around 100Mbps should do just fine.

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Virgin Media and BT eclipsed by hyperfast broadband at price that's hard to believe
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