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Acclaimed feature film Unchained sells out at BestBuy and other retailers

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The Original Unchained Movie Poster

The Original Unchained Movie Poster

Eric Roberts as the Father in Unchained

Eric Roberts in Unchained

Mair Mulroney plays Aella in the film Unchained

Mair Mulroney in Unchained

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Unchained continues strong global sales, thrashing all performance estimates

I am overwhelmed by the love and support that the world has shown our film. Thank you all for making this a success”

— Raphaello

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — After an impressive opening weekend, Unchained shows no signs of slowing down. The highly lauded feature film has been selling out at various retailers including electronic giant Best Buy. The movie was completely sold out at all Best Buy locations across the US over the last week.

Even by the most hopeful estimates, this retail dominance was shocking. As Unchained continues to open in new markets across all continents, it has kept beating the initial ex-pert predictions.

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Combined with the fantastic opening 4th of July weekend, Unchained is proving to be the movie that defies the status quo. Without huge studio backing, the feature film is winning the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere.

The movie thriller was produced by Tatiana Rusakova, Ilia Constantine, John Bryan, and director Raphaello.

Unchained stars Mair Mulroney (Dhar Mann), WWE superstar Franky Monet (as Taya Valkyrie), 3 time Hall of Fame wrestler Rock Riddle and Academy Nominated actor Er-ic Roberts (The Dark Knight, Best of the Best, The Expendables).

Unchained also has a wonderful support cast including Maricris Lapaix, Roni Weissman, Svetlana Constantine, Kasarlina Wang, Stan Divranos, Tyler Bowe, Micke Spreitz, and Larry L. Andrews as the villainous Warden Georgia.

The film is further enhanced by the sweeping film score created by composer Alexander Kotziamanis. The Unchained EP – The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is available exclusively from Apple Music:

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You can watch Unchained on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3humK99

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Unchained official trailer

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Acclaimed feature film Unchained sells out at BestBuy and other retailers

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