The government has a new strategy aimed at protecting Norway against terrorism

The government has a new strategy aimed at protecting Norway against terrorism

The Norwegian government has developed a new national strategy to prevent and counter terrorism.

“This year, it will be ten years since the terror attacks hit us on July 22. The government has placed great emphasis on the work with emergency preparedness over the years, and we have followed up on all of the July 22 Commission’s recommendations,” Minister of Justice and Emergency Preparedness Monica Mæland (H) noted in a press release.

The July 22 Commission concluded, among other things, that the perpetrator of the attacks could have been stopped earlier.

“Even though we have followed up the July 22 Commission’s recommendations, the work of preventing and dealing with terrorism can never stop. 

“We must continue to assess new needs and new measures to follow the ongoing developments. The government has therefore developed a new national counter-terrorism strategy,” Mæland stated.

The strategy points in particular to four priority measures:

  • Provide the PST and the Intelligence Service with a legislative framework that closes the gaps that have arisen due to technology development.
  • Provide more information to actors considered potential terrorist targets.
  • Strengthen local cooperation against terrorist incidents and strengthen reintegration into society among radicals or already convicted persons.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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