After Max Verstappen’s pole, Lewis Hamilton regrets his British Grand Prix Sprint sprint defeat

After Max Verstappen’s pole, Lewis Hamilton regrets his British Grand Prix Sprint sprint defeat

Lewis Hamilton said that he wished he could “redo the start” of Saturday’s sprint race. Max Verstappen won pole for Sunday’s British Grand Prix. This was after winning during an historic qualifying race at Silverstone.

Hamilton was able to jump Verstappen at the start, with a better driving performance. However, Hamilton’s front brakes caught fire as he waited for the lights out.

Hamilton’s resistance was futile. However, Hamilton gradually regained the lead and commanded the race. He also managed to collect championship points, which he extended to 33. Hamilton will start from pole position for the British Grand Prix.

On lap 12, the Briton demanded more power for the team, as he attempted to battle Red Bull’s driver. Verstappen was also blazing on his tyres.

It wasn’t enough. Verstappen won the race with Hamilton taking second place, adding two more points to his score, while Bottas took third.

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Hamilton said immediately after the race, “I gave everything today.” First, I want to give all of my love and support to everyone. I cannot express how grateful I am for the energy I get from everybody. Tomorrow we will fight again.

I hit the target with my start. It’s not fair what you lose in P1, but we’ll do our best to turn negative into positive tomorrow

“Every point is important, but it’s a good feeling to have finished the race. He was pulling away and there wasn’t much I could do. __S.14__

“So we’ve really got to try and be in front somehow they’ve done a great job with their engine, their starts are really great, we’ve lost a bit of performance on our stuff so we’ve got to work a bit harder to try and improve that because losing positions is never a great thing.

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Hamilton’s bad start gave Verstappen an opportunity to win the race over 17 laps and increase his championship lead.

Hamilton regretted, “I wish I could redo it all over again.” Hamilton rued, “But we have tomorrow. __S.25__

“I’m not sure how I watched for fans. This weekend was awesome. Yesterday was so much fun to have qualifying on Friday. It was way more entertaining. __S.27__

“I don’t know whether that was the most exciting race or not, but we should do more like that, maybe a different version of it in future because this makes the weekend more enjoyable I think.

“But, I need everybody to have their energy back tomorrow and then I’ll be able to show my best. “

Hamilton won the qualifying session on Friday night by beating Verstappen by just 0.75s before a cheering British audience.

This means Hamilton is ahead of Bottas, his main title competitor who began second.

As he tries to win an eighth title in the world, the seven-time champion of the world was clearly emotional.

As Hamilton got out of his car, cheers were heard around Silverstone. Union Jack flags floated in the Silverstone breeze as Hamilton thanked fans for their support.

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