After Red Bull boss called him “desperate”, Lewis Hamilton responds to Christian Horner

After Red Bull boss called him “desperate”, Lewis Hamilton attacks Christian Horner.

“Lewis is an experienced driver who knows that this move is unacceptable. I am just disappointed that someone of his caliber would make it.

It’s risky, he put another competitor at danger, it seemed desperate, and he was not injured. Max is being treated at the hospital.

“I don’t care about what Lewis says, take a look at your analysis and draw your own conclusions. For me that’s hollow victory.”

Hamilton spoke out after the race and dismissed Horner’s remarks, saying that he deserved to win the race as well as everyone else.

Hamilton stated, “I don’t have much to say to Christian. It doesn’t feel hollow.”

Publited at Sun, 18 July 2021 17:50:00 +0000

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