Biden announces a plan to combat gun violence, warning of an “more pronounced” spike in summer crimes


Biden announces a plan to combat gun violence, warning of an “more pronounced” spike in summer crimes

Biden spoke at the White House after he met with local and state leaders to address the rise in crime.
Biden stated that historically, crime rises in the summer. With the country opening up again, this summer spike might be stronger than usual.
Biden’s Wednesday speech was a key marker in a year of opening from the Covid-19 epidemic, which saw an increase in crime across America. Since the White House became concerned about the rise in crime over recent weeks, the President wanted to make the speech in an effort to calm the situation. This has become a problem for Republicans who are eager to launch a campaign of “law and Order” in the next year’s midterm election.
Biden stressed the importance of establishing an assault weapon ban during his comments. This move is supposed to have been approved by Congress.
Biden stated, “I have been in this field for a while, so there are some things that work to decrease gun violence and violent crimes, as well as things that don’t exist.”
But there are things that we need to know. Background checks before purchasing firearms are essential. Ban on high-capacity magazines and assault weapons — No one should have any weapon capable of firing more than 30, 40, 50 or 100 rounds. Unless you believe the deer are wearing Kevlar vests, then no. These programs, which keep people safe in their neighborhoods, and save lives along with community policing, have been a success. However, the funds for these policies has fallen drastically over time.
Biden answered the question, “I don’t give up on hope,” when asked if there is still hope for Congress to pass such a ban.
Biden used the occasion to defend his government against claims that it would inadvertently restrict Americans’ Second Amendment rights. He also countered arguments made by the gun lobby about an increase in violent crime.
Biden noted that the Second Amendment from its inception limited who could possess a firearm and which type of weapons they could have. “You couldn’t purchase a cannon with the Second Amendment.” The point is that it’s possible to restrict, rationally limit the types of weapons that are available and the people who may own them.
The President declared “a massive crackdown to stem gun trafficking used for violent crime,” and warned that the government would have a policy of “zero tolerance” against gun dealers who violate laws or regulations.
Biden stated that if someone sells a firearm to someone prohibited from owning it, or if they willfully fail a background check, or if they willfully falsify records, then my message is: “We’ll find them and we’ll ask for your license to sale guns.”
Biden also asked Congress to confirm David Chipman, his nominee for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. This agency has been inactive since long.
It includes a variety of federal agency measures. The strategy also allows states to apply American Rescue Plan dollars in more flexible ways, such as hiring police officers above the pre-pandemic level or funding community violence intervention programs.
The White House announced that Biden’s comprehensive strategy to prevent and respond to gun crime and ensure public safety will include five main pillars. They aim to: stop the flow of guns used to commit violent crimes; provide federal resources and tools to local law enforcement to address summer violence; and invest in community violence intervention. This includes expanding employment and summer programs for youth and adults.
On Wednesday, a variety of actions were also taken by agencies to implement the strategy.
According to the Treasury Department, communities that have seen an increase in gun violence due to the pandemic can use American Rescue Plan funds for police-related activities. Now, the Office of Personnel Management is going to examine whether there are barriers to employment for formerly incarcerated people. Housing & Urban Development Secretary Marcia Fudge sent a letter outlining housing requirements for formerly incarcerated persons, which included the availability of 70,000 vouchers from the American Rescue Plan.
Biden also announced that the administration would convene and assist a collaborative community violence intervention program in over a dozen jurisdictions. These jurisdictions have committed to investing in more community violence intervention programs with a portion of the American Rescue Plan funds or any other public funding.
In remarks before Biden’s speech, Merrick Garland, Attorney General, stated that federal measures will not stop the growing crime wave but help it.
The Justice Department’s strategy to reduce violent crime and the initiatives we have taken to stop illegal gun violence will help save many lives. Garland stated that these measures alone won’t solve the problem with violent crime. “The success of any effort depends upon all of us working together, those in this room and others across the country, who work to protect communities, as well as the citizens of these communities.”
Biden’s announcement is a chance to change the narrative on crime-related issues. This comes after he has had a complicated history as the author of 1994’s crime bill, and as a leftist who refused to fund defunding police. It also happens as Congress slowly passes bipartisan legislation to reform the police force.
After many years of declining crime statistics, major cities saw a rise in homicide rates in 2020. This trend is expected to continue in 2019. According to CNN data and, last weekend saw ten mass shootings in nine states, which killed seven and left at least 45 other people injured.
Senior administration officials repeatedly linked the increase in violent crime to the pandemic during a Tuesday call with journalists.
One official stated that “we know that secondary consequences of pandemics and the proliferation illegal guns have led to an increase violence over the past year and half including a 30% rise in homicides, and a 8% increase gun attacks in large cities in 2020.”
When asked if the White House will address rising crime in cities and cities’ decision to not prosecute low-level criminals, a second official replied, “Our focus on gun violence.” This is where the President’s attention lies. This is the issue we are currently facing.
Some crimes are decreasing, such as property crime and other low-level offenses — this varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The official said that gun violence is on the rise and is therefore the main focus.
The story has been updated to include additional reporting.

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