Bridges: Suns don’t have the luxury of sulking

Bridges: Suns don’t have the luxury of sulking

Mikal Bridges, Phoenix Suns forward, says that his team cannot afford to be downhearted if it wants to win the series and make the NBA Finals.

After leading by 2-0, the Suns now have to win in Milwaukee to keep alive the series.

They have lost three straight games, falling behind the eight ball for the first-time. This includes a defeat at home against Phoenix on Saturday night by 123 to 119.


Highlights from Game 5 of the NBA Finals, between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Phoenix Suns

Bridges, however, who was twice the NCAA champion with Villanova Wildcats (2016 and 2018), believes the Suns possess the ability to make it to the Finals for a Game 7. This will take place on the Suns’ home court.

Bridges stated, “We are ready man, we are ready for the next game.” It’s not worth wasting your time ruminating about the situation. The season will be done in a flash. We’ll take the lessons learned. Coach will show us clips of what Coach can do better. But we already know what to do. It’s gone.

Monty Williams (Sun coach), who is often quoted by reporters for his clever adages, turns of phrase and wit, was out Saturday night with another.

He said, “We have to win just one more game in order to get them on board again.” That’s all. You must have the determination to get them back on board.

Devin Booker impressed for the second consecutive game, scoring 40 points with 17-of 33 shooting. This was after his Game 4 performance of 42.

After the loss, he had every right feel angry. After scoring 11 points, the Suns had a 16 point lead. Booker sat down to take a break after the first quarter. Booker was back with just 6:14 remaining in the second quarter. The Suns had almost lost their lead and momentum was now completely with the Bucks.

Booker stated, “We did the right thing and got off to a good start. Then we just let it go.” They remained resilient and kept going. It was a tough loss.


The top 5 plays of Game 5 in the NBA Finals between Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks

The win was won by the Bucks, who put forth a historic offensive effort.

In Game 5, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jrue Holiday were unstoppable. Milwaukee’s “Big Three” were unstoppable in Game 5. They scored a total of 88 points and became the fifth team in NBA Finals history that each had 25 points with 50 percent shooting.

The Lakers are first to achieve this feat since Kareem AbdulJabbar (36), Magic Johnson (26) and James Worthy (33/33 points), respectively, in 1985.

Coach Williams insists that the Suns will win Milwaukee by improving their ball movement.

Monty Williams has demonstrated his abilities as an elite-level NBA coach this season
Monty Williams proved his skills as an elite-level NBA basketball coach in this season

Monty Williams, Suns coach said that “we’ve got to get it moving around.” We know how ‘Book can handle the ball. But, the main thing that we discussed was getting to and finding the guys backside. That’s our formula. It worked a bit at times, but there were others.”

Phoenix’s Chris Paul had a great game, scoring 21 points from 9-for-15, with 11 assists, and only one turnover in Game 5. Holiday was the better player on both sides of the court, making the game-defining play by making a steal, and then an alleyoop assist.


Jrue holiday steals the ball during Game 5 of NBA Finals. He lofts the pass to Giannis Antetokounmpo, who will slam home the Milwaukee Bucks win against the Phoenix Suns

If the Suns want to make a decision, Paul must raise his game again.

He said, “We knew that this was not going to be an easy task.” It wasn’t what we expected. It is hard. It’s hard. Coach repeated it year after year: Everything we desire is on the opposite side of difficult, and it doesn’t get any harder.

We have to regroup and learn from the game. It’s done. It’s time to prepare for Game 6.

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