British Grand Prix LIVE Race Suspended after Lewis Hamilton's and Max Verstappen's crash

British Grand Prix LIVE Race Suspended after Lewis Hamilton’s and Max Verstappen’s crash

British Grand Prix LIVE: After Lewis Hamilton’s and Max Verstappen’s crash, race suspended

British Grand Prix LIVE Race Suspended after Lewis Hamilton's and Max Verstappen's crash

After Max Verstappen’s Silverstone sprint race win, Lewis Hamilton will be starting the British Grand Prix in second. Red Bull, which looked faster yesterday, is worried that they won’t be able close the gap at the lights.

Hamilton stated, “Naturally it wasn’t the best day for me but I’m giving it everything.”

It’s going be hard tomorrow, but the support from the fans is amazing, and even during the parade lap the cheers of the crowd are just incredible. Tomorrow I will be stronger because tonight is a recharge.

“There are certain things we have learned from today, and I believe we can make improvements for tomorrow.”

“I will give it all for everybody who comes tomorrow, and I hope that we can have an even closer race than today.”

RACE RESUMPTION SOONIt’s about ten minutes until the race resumes. Verstappen will not be included in this race.Mercedes could gain ground today.Ferrari’s Leclerc holds the lead at present.

“DIRTY DRIVING”:Horner has more to say about Hamilton, who says he was too inept to put a wheel on the inside.

Everyone who has driven around that corner knows it’s not a good idea to put a tire up at Copse. He has put him in the fence. He hasn’t been injured, thank goodness. He told Channel 4 that it was an extreme move.

Copse is one of the most dangerous corners on the planet. It’s dirty driving.

RED BULL UNHAPPYAfter that incident, Verstappen was extremely winded. Red Bull boss Christian Horner was quite strong in his condemnation of Hamilton’s actions and completely blames him.

The top ten were announced before the red flag:1. Leclerc 2. Hamilton, Bottas 4. Norris 5. Ricciardo 6. Vettel, 7. Alonso 8. Sainz 9. Raikkonen 10. Ocon.

RED FLAG, RACE SUSPENDEDI was there ahead of you, man. Hamilton seems to be referring to Verstappen as Hamilton. It was coming.

It will be fascinating to see what damage Hamilton’s Mercedes sustains. He finds the red flag very useful as his team can make repairs to Hamilton’s car in case of damage.

2. LapAs soon as the barrier is repaired, red flag will be displayed. Hamilton asked his team to confirm that Verstappen was okay. Race is suspended temporarily

1. LapHamilton and Verstappen meet! It’s unbelievable scenes. Verstappen turns and exits the Grand Prix. Hamilton continues to drive, but Hamilton may sustain damage to his vehicle.


It’s time for the formation lap. This is the most exciting British Grand Prix in more than a decade.

2.50pmWe’ll be back in no time as the British National Anthem begins to sing. Before that, some drivers sat down and the crowd applauded all those who were on the frontlines during the Covid-19 pandemic.

2.40 PM:Hamilton will win the British Grand Prix today, which would be his eighth victory in Silverstone.

Michael Schumacher currently holds the record with eight victories in France. Hamilton has the same number at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

2.30pmChristian Horner, Red Bull’s boss, says it will be an exciting race between Verstappen & Hamilton today.

There is no choice between these two cars. Horner said that yesterday’s difference was in the start. “I think this will be an important part of today’s race,” Horner stated to Sky Sports.

We have always been faster in corners than [Mercedes] on straights. In this heat, strategy will also play an important role.

It’s going be an exciting Grand Prix.

2.20pmHamilton started yesterday’s sprint race in the lead, but he couldn’t overcome his slow start to stop Max Verstappen winning the first sprint race.

The 23-year old was able to make a quick start and secure pole position in the main race. Continue reading for more information about yesterday’s race.Here.

2.10 p.m.Lewis Hamilton is second in the grid and says he could not be happier than Silverstone today.

Sky Sports’ he said, “Even though we weren’t able to see this last year it only shows how extraordinary this is.”

There is no other place in the world with such a large number of fans. It’s a privilege to have been able to contribute: The British flags, the energy.

It’s almost as if the sport has been lit by all of these people. It was a wonderful day in the UK, perfect for everyone. It is hard to find a better place than right now anywhere in the world.

“I must believe that I can win. Believe for everyone here. This is a difficult task, and it will be hard. But I am going to do my best.

2.30pmGood morning and welcome to Express Sport’s coverage of Silverstone’s British Grand Prix.

Today’s race will attract around 140,000 spectators, the highest number of people to attend an event in Britain since the outbreak of coronavirus.

They hope to see Hamilton, the home favorite, regain some of Verstappen’s 33 points in the Drivers’ Championship.

The Briton will start second after struggling to keep up with Red Bull during Saturday’s sprint race.

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