Bruce Dickinson discusses his forthcoming one-man show and lockdown tour

Bruce Dickinson discusses his forthcoming one-man show and lockdown tour with Iron Maiden

Bruce Dickinson discusses his forthcoming one-man show and lockdown tour

Bruce Dickinson discusses his forthcoming one-man show and lockdown tour with Iron Maiden

An Evening With Bruce Dickinson Tours Next Month Image: Nidhal Martzouk

Bruce (62 years old) will recall his days as a rebel at boarding school and tell “how I wound up singing rather than drumming, or joined the army, and my story about ridiculous pants.” __S.6__ For questions or comments, the audience is given cards. They are given cards to ask questions and make comments. I then shuffle the cards around, creating an improvised script. It’s not easy, but you can make it very funny if your thinking is fast and laterally.

One time, someone said, “Do you recall meeting your mum in 1983 …’,?” I stopped, and the crowd tittered. “In a hotel” – Another titter. They’re now laughing in Budapest “By the Way you’re Not My Dad, I Checked.” It’s hilarious.

Is Maiden capable of secretly loving-children?

Bruce admits that he wasn’t exactly a choir boy. “Especially in the beginning, 23 year-old American lads… speak with an English accent and women’s clothing dropped before your eyes. The main thing with us was on the stage and not off of it. It was always taken seriously.”

Dickinson was a member of Iron Maiden in 1981 . (Image by John McMurtrie).

Bruce was a late addition to the Maiden party. He replaced Paul Di’Anno as singer in 1981. In time, he could lend his operatic voice to the East End band’s 3rd album, Number Of The Beast (multiplatinum), and the first Top Ten single Run To The Hills.

Some people were not impressed. A fan said that Bruce’s singing was like listening to his favourite songs via an air raid siren. Maiden responded by naming Dickinson the “Human Air Raid Siren”, making it a positive.

The band has sold over 100 million albums around the world since then. Bruce, have you become a British institution?

He snorts, “I may end up in one.” We are proud to be British. Our personalities are a bit quirky, and our music isn’t for everyone. We have our own identities and refuse to be categorized.

Our relationship with fans is more important than with the media. It’s like plywood. Every year, we add a layer span>

Bruce is not a fan of heavy metal, but he does believe that it’s in his soul and his body.

He proudly states that he had 5 1/2 inches of titanium in his thigh.

His hip joint cartilage was worn away by decades of performing on the stage. He says that fencing was also a factor.

I fence left-handed, so my left foot takes most of the strain. The surgeon told me that my cartilage had worn out last October while I was limping around. The surgeon said that the cartilage had worn out. I asked if we could change it immediately. A week later, my crutches were removed and I was able to start physio. It’s been cycling and I am now lifting weights. It is amazing.”

Dickinson had to have surgery on his leg after he used to jump around on the stage for decades. (Image by John McMurtrie).

Dickinson, the irrepressible child of an ambitious ballet dancer and an ex soldier was born to a happy marriage. His formidable grandmother raised him in Sheffield, while his parents performed with an act of dogs. He was sent to Oundle Boarding School at 13 when he got regular jobs as an estate agent and a car salesman.

Bruce’s horror stories from school take up most of the first half. Two tons of horse manure were delivered to Bruce’s housemaster’s door. He was also expelled from the school for unorthodoxly freezing his headmaster’s runners beans.

He chuckles, “If I had been alive in this age and time, I would have been treated at an early stage.”

Dickinson was a TA member before he studied history at Queen Mary College in London and joined his first band, Samson. Bruce is a determined person. When Samson’s manager failed to book them on a tour for their debut album promotion, he called and made it happen.

His career choices include airline pilot, beer brewer and pilot. He says he loves them all. It’s not worth living .”

While not all of his ventures turned a profit he said, “If money is the only thing that matters, then rob a bank.”

Dickinson was a pilot in many different industries. (Image by John McMurtrie).

Fate had other plans for him in 2014. He was diagnosed with head-and neck cancer.

After Maiden was admitted to hospital, Bruce told Maiden’s manager that they should postpone a trip to get treatment.

He said, “I get asked questions about cancer. What I try to make it amusing and seriously and sad all the same time. A bit of dark humor to allay some of the fear that comes with it. Hopefully funny and informative.

Iron Maiden has their own mascot on-stage, Eddie the Ed Force One aircraft (Image by John McMurtrie).

He discusses flying jumbo jets and the Ed Force One plane, which Maiden named after Eddie, Maiden’s stage mascot.

Anecdotes about maidens can sometimes be frightening. A Kiwi roadie became so angry at a man’s assault on a woman during a concert held in Florence that he fractured his jaw. He later learned that the attacker was a Mafia boss. Bruce says that he returned to Naples the following night “with heavyweights who had bulges in their suits pockets” He said: “Where is the Australian?” “I kill him!” We claimed he ran in fear but had hidden him in the window of our bus span>

Some tales, such as the one about Nicko McBrain flying in a plane with Maiden drummer Nicko McCBrain’s terrifying flight, are also hilarious. These tales are described in great detail, so be sure to bring small children to the show .”

Tory-voting Bruce, one of nature’s cavaliers finds himself in conflict with lockdown measures.

Although I’m not anti-vax conspiracist, there is a lot of disconnected thinking that frustrates me. My girlfriend needed an eye surgery so I was forced to travel to France. Both of us are double-vaccinated. We returned home with four nasal swabs. After the tests, we were cleared to travel. However, quarantine was still required. Is it possible that we are all crazy?

“I doubt that most members of the SAGE committee have ever met any human being. It’s like an weatherman who doesn’t look out of the window. Are they aware of the effects that lockdowns can have on individuals? Because of the lack of contact with humans, people who weren’t already suffering from health problems have begun to develop them.

People get sad, and it angers me. It was something I accepted at first, that old people were dying. But now, common sense has prevailed. It’s so hard to imagine people losing years of their life, elderly people not being able to see grandchildren and the like. A new person with brains and some nous span is needed.

Bruce lives in London and spent his first lockdown in Paris together with Leana Dolci, Bruce’s girlfriend. I spent three months on a balcony, writing about military history. It might become .”

After his divorce from Paddy (the mother of his three children), he had moved to France in 2003.

Iron Maiden are playing a full European tour, he said. __S.92__

Every tour is an adventure. Iron Maiden has been my inspiration, and I have a lot of stuff I cannot tell you. But I’ll be there to discuss it in the one-man performance. It is exciting!

“What we did will rock your world …”

Next month, Bruce Dickinson will host An Evening With Bruce Dickinson. Tickets are now available at Ticketmaster

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