Eamonn Holmes is in traffic hell after his breakup with Ruth following a’serious incident’

Eamonn Holmes is in traffic hell after his breakup with Ruth following a’serious incident’

Eamonn Holmes (61), has shared his concern as Ruth Langsford and he embark on their breakaway today. This Morning’s host, Eamonn Holmes shared that the couple are currently in traffic jams after an “serious incident” on the M25.

Eamonn wrote on Twitter, “Why didn’t I stay at the back garden?” M25. From South Mimms, clockwise

He also shared a picture of gridlock on the motorway, as happy Brits wanted to take a day in the sunshine.

The star, despite his irritation at the current state of the animals’ welfare, admitted that he was concerned about the health and well-being of the horses being housed in horseboxes when the temperature rose.

He said, “No movement for less than an hour.”

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While he was riding in a chauffeur-driven vehicle, he spoke to the camera and said, “Hello, good morning, to you.” It’s beautiful and sunny as I am on my way today to work.

It’s a beautiful sunny day that makes me happy. We are happy to be back on This Morning, and Ruth and I would like to say thank you for making it so enjoyable.

So, it’ll be one week, and there are six weeks left. We can’t promise the weather for the entire run, but it will happen. What we really need is your company.

So, whatever your Friday looks like, I wish it was a great one. I also hope that the sun shines over you this weekend so you can enjoy it.

The video was concluded by him adding, “Thanks to you for watching. See you at 10 this morning as well as the week after for six more weeks!”

The clip was loved by fans, but some were curious as to why he was traveling alone. It was wonderful to have you back. Ruth and you have great banter. Ruth and you travel alone? One asked.

The couple commute independently, as Ruth explained to Platinum Magazine last summer. Ruth said that they tried to go together one time, but it turned out to be a nightmare as he was half an hour behind schedule.

He was asking, “What are you going to do at 8 am for?” “He was saying, ‘What do you need to be in at 8am for?'” This is where we’re at opposite ends of this scale.

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