Elvis Presley’s first love, June.

Elvis Presley’s first love, June.

Elvis Presley: June Juanico recalls the ‘proposal’ he made to her

The couple met just before Elvis became famous in 1955. He performed in small venues throughout the South. June, a 17-year old, went to his performance at the Keesler Air Force Base, Biloxi, Mississippi on the Gulf of Mexico. She recalled their first encounter in 2015: “I thought that he was absolutely beautiful: his big, gorgeous eyes. He was a screamer and girls were calling him names. I am not like that. He reached out through the crowd to grab my arm as I passed him. “Where are you going?” he asked.SCROLL DOWN AND WATCH JUNE DESCRIBE HER FIRST DATE

Elvis convinced June to take a ride with him after the show. The night was described in her book Elvis: In the Twilight of Memory.

Innocently, I inquired: “What’re you feeling? I laughed as he raised his eyebrows and looked at me. “I don’t know how to answer that June. I’d slap your face.” We laughed together. He had an amazing face and a great sense of humor.

The couple drove down to the ocean and June pointed out where flounder would be caught. She also remembered Elvis innocently asking her: “What about crabs?” They went down to the water and June showed Elvis where people would catch flounder. She also remembered him innocently asking: “What about crabs?”

He realized exactly what he had said, right after it was said. We both laughed. When I had finally recovered, I said it to him. “You can just reach down to pick them up. They won’t be able to run fast if they are soft. They will bite you if they are hard.

“Elvis replied, “In other words June, are you telling me that you can’t catch them out of a toilet chair?” We laughed so much Elvis had to stop the car.

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Elvis and June Juanico . (Image by GETTY).

The couple spent many hours at the pier before parking outside their house until dawn the next day.

June wrote in her book Elvis: In The Twilight of Memory that June described the night as follows: “He called my name, and kissed me on the neck. It was terrifying. I thought I would melt. I was pulled close by him and he took my face into his arms. He kissed me on the forehead, nose, cheeks, mouth, and eyes. This was my most tender and passionate kiss in seventeen years. The next several hours were spent talking, kissing, and talking for hours, while we watched the moon slowly move across the sky.

June stated in a 1956 interview that she knew it was true. You know what love feels like. It was eight months before I heard anything from him. I never received any letters. It all started again when I returned to Memphis.

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June drove with her group of friends to Memphis in 1956, and took control of the situation. Elvis was well-known in the town and already a household name.

The couple asked at clothing shops for his address and received directions to the house. However, Elvis was not in town.

June stated that she drove up Audubon Drive, parked there and then got out. The rest of June and I followed the lead and were violating Elvis’ property. Elvis was greeted by a pink Cadillac as he pulled into his driveway.

“I was the one who was on the fence and was ashamed to have been caught. I was the only one on the fence, so he walked straight up and grabbed me by my waist. He then placed me on the ground, and said “What’s the deal, June.”

After a 15-minute conversation, she informed him that they would be going to see a movie together. June’s friend had a car that was hot pink and you could not miss it. Elvis searched for the car in his search.

June said that he came in, sat down next to me through the entire movie and held my hand. Then the following day he picked us up and took me motorcycle riding. After seven days we returned to Biloxi where he told me he was on vacation and would be back in Biloxi.

Elvis Presley and June Juanico during the summer 1956 . (Image by INSTA

Elvis’s sudden popularity meant it was difficult to find privacy. He had to leave his Biloxi hotel, and rent a place by the water.

Eddie Bellman, a local boatman, took Elvis fishing. He was also the one who captured the incredible footage of Elvis and June out on the boat. This was the final time Elvis could be truly himself. He can be seen enjoying himself onboard, waterskiing, and skeet-shooting.

In 2015, June stated that “We spent so many time together and then we began talking about marriage.” I liked Mrs Presley. I was a good housekeeper and a wise person for my youth. “Elvis needed somebody to care for him,” she kept telling me.

June shared the following in a documentary about the Biloxi summer. The sheets were taken from our beds and we lay under them… passionately kissing

He said that he couldn’t marry right now. (Elvis’s manager) I had promised the Colonel that I would wait at most three years. I asked June if you would wait for three years. “I said yes.

Soon, rumours began to circulate and the Colonel wasn’t happy. He “paid people to spy upon us,” June claimed. When a radio station in the area announced their engagement, Elvis drove over to that station and denied it.

Elvis took June along on a seven-city local tour. She also spoke to a Miami Daily News journalist about a sensationalized story that was published on August 4.

June said, “He’s wonderful when you get to know him.” If you really get to know him well, that is. He is a kind and warm person who treats everybody with kindness. Although Elvis would love me just as much as I do, he has his job and isn’t considering marriage. It would be sinful to allow something as precious to go to waste if Elvis didn’t get married.

Elvis instantly went public and stated: “I have about 25 girls that I regularly date.” He said that she was just one of them. Colonel Parker continued: “They (girls), show up often eight at once in the theater lobby or hotel, all proclaiming they are his’steadies’.”

Elvis with June Juanico , his girlfriend (Image by INSTA)

June’s mother Mrs Mae Juanico was contacted by a reporter. She confirmed June’s statements: “When he is in Biloxi, the only girl he goes out with is her.” He stated that he cannot get married for three years, and asked his mother to hold off until he did.

They stayed together all summer but Elvis’ TV and film appearances took him far. June never heard from him again. However, she did see reports that Elvis had sent a “showgirl” to Christmas.

She was proud but hurt when she began seeing Fabian Taranto and soon got engaged. So she could “vice him” and meet Elvis at New Orleans’ train station, she arranged to meet Elvis.

June stated that she had told Elvis that she was going to marry him. It was just a blurt. I thought I was telling Elvis that I was getting married. It was hard to watch him after that. He said, “You have to go home with me. I have a surprise for your.” Mama is so excited to meet you. You have to be on the train along with me.


June said, “I had not spoken to him except via telegram for four months.” You shouldn’t leave someone on hold if you are in love with them.

I was truly in love with him. It lasted for 34 years. His heart was my only hope. Then I decided to tell Elvis.

I mean, the thought crossed me mind (to remain with Elvis )… Elvis wasn’t need of me. There was a whole world of girls he wanted, and he needed me. I could not break his heart.”

However, June confessed to regrets in 2015. Although I would not have been as quick to go without learning, I found out that I had some stubbornness and was determined to keep my family together.

Our relationship ended because of a mix of Elvis, me and Colonel Parker.

Elvis Presley’s life . (Image: GETTY).

Fabian was married to June after she got off the train. In the 1960s, she only saw Elvis once more at a movie theater. He shared a hug with Priscilla while he was at the cinema.

June shared her grief years later when Elvis’ death was announced on television. “I went to the TV and fell to my knees before it. It was impossible to breathe. My mother was with me and I could not breathe.

“I always believed that Elvis and me would one day be married. My marriage lasted 36 years and I have two wonderful children. I also have beautiful grandchildren. Many blessings have come my way. However, Elvis has been my greatest love.

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