Fortnite Season 7 and 8 Leaks: Kevin The Cube RETURNS Chapter 3 Story Tease

Fortnite Season 7 and 8 Leaks: Kevin The Cube RETURNS Chapter 3 Story Tease

Fortnite Season 7 and 8 Leaks: Kevin The Cube RETURNS Chapter 3 Story Tease

Fortnite Season 7 and 8 Leaks: Kevin The Cube RETURNS Chapter 3 Story Tease

Epic Games may be planning season 8, and possibly the ending of season 7, according to Fortnite players. Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR highlighted the fact that a FortniteLeaks Reddit post could reveal a lot of details about what is next for Fortnite. Epic Games is rumoured have some interesting plans for Fortnite’s end season 7.

Kevin the Cube may be returning to Fortnite at the conclusion of season 7.

According to rumors, the chapter 3 storyline will include The Cube who played a significant role in Fortnite chapter 5 chapter 1.

Kevin will return to the Cube under the control of a mysterious Queen.

Epic Games is rumored to be planning an enormous map overhaul for chapter 3. It has been also claimed that the exact location of The Seven is also being revealed by chapter 3.

Another Fortnite leak suggests that live events are returning to Season 6 in some fashion.

Epic Games is reportedly getting ready to host another concert live, and have drafted Ariana Grande as their guest.

According to reports, the Thank U, Next, and One Last Time singer will be performing at a Fortnite concert shortly. She appears to be enjoying her freedom and is looking good.

Epic Games has apparently already performed an in-house testing of the concert before it is released.

It also claimed that Justice League and Suicide Squad content will soon be available in Fortnite, although it is unclear which characters will get new skins.

In a surprising update, the leak said Fortnite Season 8 would have a skin inspired by popular anime series Naruto.

Shiina spoke out about the leak and said that: “RUMOR”: A moderator of the subreddit, r/FortniteLeaks published a post 15 hours ago claiming to possess insider information on Fortnite’s future events.

The source that provided insider information appears to have leaked lots of accurate information regarding Season 6.

Later, the Fortnite leaker added: “UPDATE : I have video evidence from one the r/FortniteLeaks moderators in the private conversation that said insider.

The video evidence appears genuine and was captured on mobile (iOS). (!!) If it is real, an insider may have leaked much more accurately in the past (near).

Fortnite also revealed that mechs and ridable monsters would be coming to Fortnite in the near future.

The leak revealed that Fortnite Season 8 would bring something called The Sideways.

It will allow for the addition of monsters into the game. This sounds similar to Stranger Things: The Upside Down.

Rumours should be taken with a grain of salt, until there is official confirmation.

We should know in the coming weeks whether there is any leak as to the Ariana Grande concert.

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