France Travel Update: France will move to the redlist? New quarantine rules for tourists

France Travel Update: France will move to the redlist? New quarantine rules for tourists

Brits double-jabbed by the British government will soon be allowed to leave quarantine from destinations on the amber list, starting July 19. The move is part of the “Freedom Day” plans, which will see any legal Covid restrictions in England lifted starting on this date.

France was to have been included in plans to eliminate the requirement to quarantine amber-list destinations starting Monday.

Many holidaymakers were disappointed when the government announced Friday night that France might be exempted from these plans.

The latest data shows that there has been a significant rise in Beta variant cases in this country.

Travellers from France must still be quarantined for 10 days after their return to the UK.

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It will be kept on the Amber Travel List, and not added to the Red List. This means that travellers must follow strict Covid guidelines.

Brits should also undergo a Covid testing on the first and eighth days after arriving.

If they are negative on another test, there is an option to end isolation before day 5.

Many Brits on vacation in France and the UK are angry at this rapid change in messaging.

Easyjet boss stated that it pulls away from Brits who are already on holiday in France with Easyjet.

He said, “The traffic signal system is in disarray with the government creating it as they go along, causing confusion and unease.” This isn’t supported by science and transparent data.

While the Government defends its decision there are some concerns about the Beta version, which is now widespread in France and could have an impact on the UK’s ability to recover from the virus.

Scientists worry that vaccines against Beta may not be as effective.


Travellers should always check the government’s travel guide before departing.

Like the rapid government response to new data from France, countries that are on the amberlist could be added to the red or quarantine list and reintroduced as soon as possible.

Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary said that travel will change this year. While we want to continue to allow international travel to be safe, it is our priority to safeguard the public’s health in the UK.

We urge anyone considering going to Europe this summer, including those who are thinking of traveling abroad, to review their terms and conditions.

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