‘Hanging with the LA rich!’ Harry and Meghan living ‘baller’ lifestyle, says source

Harry and Meghan ‘Hanging with LA Rich!’ Harry and Meghan live a ‘baller lifestyle, according to source

According to reports, the Duke and Duchess are living a happy life. Luxury since you stepped back as senior members the Royal Family Moving to North America According to a source, Harry is currently in North America. A “baller”, who doesn’t mind spending money and has been associated to a Crowd of tech billionaires.

The source stated that “He’s not in the showbiz lot like people would expect.”

“Rather than spending time in Adele or James Corden’s company, Harry and I would rather spend our time with them.” Meghan and the LA wealthy: Owners of large companies. Jet-set types can fly private planes.

“He spends his time in Malibu and Montecito.”

Harry began his executive job in March at Betterup, a Silicon Valley startup. It’s a coaching and mental-health firm.

The Duke and Duchess also signed multi-million-dollar deals with Spotify and Netflix.

But, Daniela Elser (royal commentator), writes for Australian news Outlet News.com.au: The Duke and Duchess Of Sussex “haven’t” Hollywood was set ablaze by your words.

According to previous estimates, the couple would have to pay approximately $ 5.9 million for security and their Montecito house.

However, even though you have some serious cash and are able to hang with some of the most prestigious people in the world, According to LA’s best, Harry is the most famous LA resident. He attends parties.

Eden Confidential was told by a royal source: “Harry told multiple people.” They want Lili to be christened at Windsor just like her. Brother.

“They will wait until the circumstances permit.”

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