Lewis Hamilton penalties raised following Max Verstappen’s crash at British Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton penalties raised following Max Verstappen’s crash at British Grand Prix

Jenson Button, a former Formula One World Champion has expressed concern that Lewis Hamilton might be punished at the British Grand Prix. Max Verstappen, a Dutchman who was racing in the first lap of the race, collided with the Brit on that lap. This sent the Dutchman crashing into the barriers. Although he was reported to be severely winded and he eventually left the race, a witness said that he felt fine.

Button stated that after the accident, they were sharing their space. “I feel Max gave Lewis enough room to put a car through it.”

The Brit answered a question about Hamilton’s potential penalty and said: “There is the possibility that he hit the peak, which would be fine. But he’s far from the top, and he received Max.”

Hamilton was insistent that Hamilton held the lead heading into Copse corner. He first stated that Hamilton was in front, but then quickly changed his statement to state that Hamilton was right alongside Drivers’ Champion leader.

After a fierce opening to the race, Hamilton tried every trick to beat Verstappen. Momentum seemed to favor Verstappen.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner, who was furious after the incident and stated Verstappen’s case to Michael Masi, FIA race director.

He stated, “That corner Hamilton wasn’t anywhere close to alongside.”

Every driver who has driven the circuit knows that you don’t put a steering wheel on Copse.

It was Max’s corner at 100 percent. Hamilton is to blame for this situation, which he should not have found himself in.

Damon Hill offered his perspective on the incident as well, declaring: “We witnessed a level of aggression by Lewis that we hadn’t seen in a while.”

Max felt Lewis wasn’t going to stop and Lewis was on fire. He had to eventually turn in Copse. “

The race will restart and the crowd of 300,000. They’ll be entertained if there is any more drama than the first lap. __S.19__

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