Lewis: Max too aggressive

Lewis: Max too aggressive

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner lashes out at Lewis Hamilton’s driving following Max Verstappen clashes and heavy accidents. But Hamilton defends himself, saying “it’s not one person’s fault. It’s always an equal balance of both.”

Last updated: 18.07.21 at 7:02pm

Red Bull boss Christian Horner called Lewis Hamilton’s driving unacceptable, while Max Verstappen claimed Max was too aggressive. This accusation came after the F1 title leader left F1 in the British GP.

Hamilton and Verstappen’s 2021 title battle was at its most eloquent point when Hamilton made contact with Hamilton on Sunday’s opening lap. This occurred as Hamilton attempted to pass the Red Bull down Copse.

Verstappen was involved in a major accident with barriers, weighing 52G. He has since been admitted to the hospital for additional precautionary screenings after his initial circuit check-ups.

Hamilton raced on, but was eventually stopped by the stewards and found to be at fault for the collision. A 10s penalty was imposed. He was able to overcome Charles Leclerc in an inspiring late return drive, and he took the victory, even though he dropped to second.

Sky Sports 3:40
Karun Chandhok was at the SkyPad to take a closer look at the collision between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen during lap one of the British GP

Karun Chandhok visited the SkyPad in order to examine the collision of Lewis Hamilton with Max Verstappen on lap one at the British GP

Red Bull’s Horner, who was furious at the result of the accident, and race results, described the event as a “hollow victory”.

He said Sky Sports F1, “It shouldn’t be like this to be honest with You.” Max has been in a 51G crash, Lewis Hamilton is the world champion and shouldn’t make manoeuvres such as that. This is unacceptable.

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Christian Horner was unimpressed with Lewis Hamilton’s win following a first-lap collision with Max Verstappen that forced the Red Bull driver to retire

Christian Horner wasn’t impressed with Lewis Hamilton’s victory after a collision with Max Verstappen on the first lap that led to him being forced to retire by Red Bull.

He’s put a driver… we are grateful that he wasn’t injured. After a 51G collision, Lewis has to be admitted to the hospital. I wish Lewis a very happy life.

Horner said, “For me that’s hollow victory.”

Hamilton’s response to the question:

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Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton argues Max Verstappen was too aggressive during the wheel-to-wheel battle in the opening stages of the British Grand Prix

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton claims Max Verstappen was too aggressive in the wheel-to–wheel fight at the British Grand Prix.

Hamilton believed he was close enough to Red Bull for him to overtake Verstappen, and that Verstappen was too fast.

Hamilton stated to Sky F1 that he doesn’t think Hamilton needs to be aggressive enough.

He’s going to Turn Six with me and we are both bumping tires together. It’s still cool, because you can see footage of Formula 1 legends bumping their wheels down the straight. It looks great and all. I gave him some space, but it was too much. I also got a lot higher than Nine so we didn’t have to back out.

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Mercedes’ boss Toto Wolff made his case for Lewis Hamilton’s innocence to Michael Masi and the FIA after Max Verstappen’s first-lap crash

Toto Wolff, Mercedes’ boss made his case to Michael Masi (FIA) for Lewis Hamilton’s innocence after Max Verstappen crashed on the first lap.

I took the penalty and that’s not one’s fault. It’s always an equal amount of both. “I don’t feel any emotion now. I channel that energy into driving and am proud of what I accomplished.

Hamilton stated that he didn’t know Verstappen was in hospital, and that he sent his very best wishes for the Dutch driver.

Hamilton was asked if this fact took away the joy from his win. It’s racing, so I love it.

I’ve been able to keep my distance for a while without ever colliding with anyone, but it is inevitable that someone will be too aggressive.

Hamilton said: “I hope that he is okay. It would have been great to be able to race wheel-to-wheel for the entire race. He is a great racer and I look forward to racing again. However, I won’t back down.

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