Matt Lucas says Boris Johnson is a “Have I a Comb” and criticizes his appearance in the U-turn video

Matt Lucas says Boris Johnson is a “Have I a Comb” and criticizes his appearance in the U-turn video

Matt Lucas says Boris Johnson is a "Have I a Comb" and criticizes his appearance in the U-turn video

Boris Johnson was offered a “comb by Matt Lucas (47), after Matt Lucas posted a video in which he explained that he will now be retracting his decision not to go into self-isolation following being “pinged” by Test and Trace. Although he had briefly considered the possibility of participating in daily-test pilot schemes, the Prime Minister stated that he believes it is “far more important” to follow the same rules. So, Boris Johnson will remain self-isolating through Monday.

A statement was posted by the PM on Twitter, addressing the U-turn. However, one aspect of the video caught the attention of some followers.

As he talked about self-isolation, his blonde hair looked rather disheveled.

Matt Lucas replied: “I don’t have a hair comb, but you can ask for one.”

Former Labour adviser Alastair Campbell quickly wrote: “Blow your hair.” Get down on your knees. Take the knee.

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Piers Morgan wrote: “Boris Johnson says to us that we must abide by his rules until everybody wants nuts.”

“What a mess – what can you expect from someone who doesn’t even bother to brush his hair while addressing the British people?”

He said, “You are Prime Minister and not Worzel Gummidge.”

Others praised the PM and thanked him for his example.

The PM asked everyone to be careful ahead of tomorrow’s lifting of restrictions in England.

Downing Street stated that the Prime Minister and Chancellor Rishi Sonak have now been forced to self-isolate following Sajid Javid’s positive COVID-19 testing.

It was believed that Mr Javid, newly appointed Health Secretary contracted coronavirus after which he went into quarantine.

Downing Street originally stated that Mr Johnson would take in Mr Sunak as a pilot program where they would be tested every day and not be subject to quarantine.

A spokesperson stated that the Prime Minister was contacted by NHS Test and Trace in order to confirm that he has contact with someone associated with Covid.

He was present at Chequers, when Test and Trace contacted him. He won’t be participating in the pilot test.

He will still meet with ministers via remote access. “The Chancellor was also contacted. He will isolate as necessary and won’t be participating in the pilot.”

Tweet by Mr Sunak: “Whilst test and trace pilot can be quite restrictive, only essential government business is allowed, I recognize that not everyone feels the same.”

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