Max Verstappen angry at Lewis Hamilton, the ‘disrespectful” after the British Grand Prix crash

Max Verstappen furious after ‘disrespectful Lewis Hamilton crash at the British Grand Prix

It doesn’t seem like a lot of punishment to put a driver on the road, write off their car and get a small penalty. But, it still wins them the Grand Prix.

“It just felt like Lewis was making a desperate move.”

He’d just lost the start. Max had taken a spin down Wellington Straight. Max then started wheel-banging down there with Max. Then he decided to put a wheel up at Copse Corner. This is one of the fastest championships at 180mph. There’s always only one result.

It’s disappointing that the seven-time champion driver makes such an impulsive move, and sends a colleague to hospital.

Publited at Sun, 18 July 2021 18:13.00 +0000

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