Max Verstappen files formal complaint against Lewis Hamilton for the’massive incident’.

Max Verstappen files formal complaint against Lewis Hamilton for the’massive incident’.

Christian Horner, Red Bull’s boss has filed a formal complaint with Michael Masi, FIA race director. He asked for Lewis Hamilton to face punishment after he crashed into Max Verstappen during the first lap of the British Grand Prix.

Hamilton was ahead by 33 points with Verstappen in the Drivers’ Championship going into Sunday’s race.

Hamilton, however, made it his main task to overtake the Dutchman in the first lap.

Hamilton tried to descend Verstappen’s inside on Turn Nine, but it was too late. The pair collided.

Horner became furious, and immediately reached out to race director.

Horner stated, “That corner Hamilton wasn’t anywhere near beside,” Horner added.

Every driver who has driven the circuit knows that you don’t put a steering wheel on Copse.

It was Max’s corner at 100 percent. Hamilton is to blame for this situation, which he should not have found himself in.

You could have been in a major accident. He’s survived. It’s my hope that you will deal with this appropriately.”

Mercedes offered their defense, saying, “Now that I have had the chance to see that footage, Lewis is significantly beside on Turn Nine’s inside.”

Toto Wolff ran to the office of the stewards to present the case for the Silver Arrows to ensure Hamilton does not get a penalty.

Otmar Zaffnauer, boss of Aston Martin believes that the seven-time champion in world motor racing will be free from any penalties.

He said, “I have seen it several times and to me, that’s not a racing incident.”

“We have often discussed allowing drivers to race the first few laps of the circuit for the benefit and enjoyment of fans. I believe that is what actually happened.”

It was fifty-50 for me. Max did not have to make the turn when Lewis said he could, and Lewis may have been right. But to me it was 100 percent a racing accident.”

Jenson Button, a former world champion added that Max had given Lewis room to breathe. But it can be so hard when you are on the outside.

“I doubt Lewis reached the top, and I think that is why Max hit him at the back end.

He could be subject to a fine.”

Publited at Sun, 18 July 2021 15:26:00 +0000

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