Next week on Xbox: July 19-23

Next week on Xbox: July 19-23

Next Week on Xbox: Welcome! S, Xbox One, and Windows PC as well as upcoming Xbox Game Pass and soon-to-be released [email protected] games! Click on their profiles to view more information and pre-order details. Release dates may change. Let’s get started!

Cris Tales – July 20, 2010 – Xbox Game Pass (Cloud Console and PC), / Smart Delivery Support

Cris Tales - July 20 - Xbox Game Pass (Cloud, Console, and PC) / Smart Delivery Support

This is a beautiful, independent love letter to JRPGs. It offers a fresh perspective. You can look into the past and act in the present while you play, all from one screen. Gorgeously drawn 2D animations create a virtual world in which your actions will have a dramatic impact on the future and present. This game has more than 20 hours worth of gameplay.


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Although it can be monotonous to harvest the souls of the deceased and keep track of time, this is honest work for Crows. When your soul is taken, the job becomes lively. You must find a desperate thief and take him to an uninhabited realm where all creatures are free from death.

Fallen Knight July 20

Fallen Knight - July 20

This futuristic tale of a knight lets you take on six different enemies with dark histories. You can expect a fast-paced, sword-action gameplay and a challenge experience. Every mistake will be punished. Each victory rewards you generously.

Mind Maze – July 20, – Xbox One X Enhanced

Mind Maze - July 20 - Xbox One X Enhanced

You will be competing in a logic puzzle where your goal is to take over territory. Your opponent can capture your tiles by placing walls and mazes. You can be sneaky, forcing your opponent to make mistakes and covering the board with an unstoppable landlide will help you win.


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Find the letters that will fill in the blanks and create a new word. But be careful of red herrings. 150 different puzzles are available. There is also a lot of terrible jokes.


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Sergey Noskov, the creator of 7th Sector is now creating a new game. Only you are left, the ruins of an old life, and the blossoming nature that thrives in its absence. It is simultaneously gloomy, empty and so beautiful.

The Last Rolling Hero July 21 – Xbox Play Anywhere

The Last Rolling Hero - July 21 - Xbox Play Anywhere

Toy robots existed on distant planets in the far future. The sweet look was not without danger. Combining their artificial intelligence, they were able to create a machine of extraordinary power. The evil forces sought to profit from this. Only you are able to protect the universe. You can take control of the robot defense and prevent anything scary from happening.

MouseBot – Escape from CatLab July 21st – Xbox OneX Enhanced

MouseBot: Escape from CatLab - July 21 - Xbox One X Enhanced

Guide MouseBot around mazes made by CatLab’s cat scientists. You will need to dodge giant Kitty Krushers and jump over the mouse-grinding roller grates.

Innsmouth Case July 22 – Xbox Play Anywhere

The Innsmouth Case - July 22 - Xbox Play Anywhere

The Innsmouth Case a detective story in interactive books inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. The Innsmouth Case is a unique combination of humor and horror that makes it the best scary-comedy text-adventure. Every decision is important and you can either win the case or lose it!

Urban Trial Tricky Deluxe July 22

Urban Trial Tricky Deluxe Edition - July 22

Get on the motorbike and perform some of your most daring tricks. You can ride freely and spin in the air. The smooth controls and colorful graphics will transport you to a world of fun and fast gameplay.

Aery Calm Mind July 23rd – Xbox OneX Enhanced

Aery - Calm Mind - July 23 - Xbox One X Enhanced

Interactive game that will relax both your brain and soul. As a bird little friend, you will explore the beautiful world and find the lost feathers. You can relax and take in the beauty and thrill of flight without fear or enemies. It’s great for relaxing after a long day.


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Freddy 2.0 got a job! You plunge into work and begin the story. This puzzler is unique because it challenges you to overcome your environment and master your spaghetti.

Orcs must die! 3 – 23 July – Smart Delivery Support

Orcs must die! Three ushers in orc-slaying chaos to an previously unimaginable level. You can either go it alone or you can team up with another friend to arm your self with an arsenal of weapons and traps. This long-awaited sequel to the award-winning series will slice, burn, throw, and zap hundreds of orcs.

The Snow Settles July 23

Where the Snow Settles - July 23

Aurelia, a young woman whose world is falling apart, searches for her way back, uncovering secrets and marvelling along the way. The story is a short, compelling narrative that blends different themes into a captivating and atmospheric tale of aging. The game’s simple and easy-to-use mechanics make it possible to escape into an idyllic, yet mysterious world.

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