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Piers Morgan is furious when Boris Johnson participates in contact testing pilot’s ‘Terrible!

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Piers Morgan is furious when Boris Johnson participates in contact testing pilot’s ‘Terrible!

Piers Morgan is furious when Boris Johnson participates in contact testing pilot's 'Terrible!

Piers Morgan, a broadcaster has condemned the decision of the Prime Minister to participate in the pilot program. This comes just days after Boris Johnson was reached out by NHS Test and Trace.

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After Health Secretary Sajid javid had confirmed that Boris had coronavirus, Test and Trace contacted Boris.

Conforming to Covid regulations, anyone who has come in contact with Mr Javid is required to segregate.

Number 10 however confirmed that Rishi Sunak and the Prime Minister will still work at Downing Street.

The spokesperson stated that they would be taking part in daily contact testing to enable them to continue working from Downing Street. He also said that Rishi Sunk, the Prime Minister, and the Chancellor will “conduct only essential government business”.

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Piers immediately took to social media and shared his thoughts.

Former Good Morning Britain anchor said: “WHAT?” Once again, there is one rule that applies to the people and another that applies to the rest of us.

This is an awful decision.

Piers has been a frequent critic of the Government over the last 16 months. He most recently clashed with Matt Hancock, former Health Secretary.

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Former Labour spin doctor Alastair Camp wrote that the Johnson-Sunak scandal involving the test pilot will make it clearer to the public than Cummings or Barnard Castle. Hancock was also defending his position. I look forward to collating and pasting the Tory MP cut-and-paste defenses once the robots have their lines for sending to constituents.

Angela Raynor, Labour’s deputy leader has also taken aim at social media. She wrote: “Sorry about the unparliamentary language, but this just takes p ***.

“Not adhering to the rules they have created, and which they expect me to follow.

“This government treats the public with contempt, and believes they are above law, and the rules don’t apply to their situation.”

Pilot project for daily contact testing was launched May 9, and it aims to see if individuals can overcome the need to isolate themselves by simply taking a test each day.

An announcement from the Government stated that: “Another study by Public Health England and NHS Test and Trace will increase understanding about how effective daily contact testing can be for those who have been in contact with positive COVID-19 case contacts.”

It is meant to be an alternative to self isolation.

The statement continued, “Daily Coronavirus Tests will be Given to As Many as 40,000 People Who Have Been in Contact with Someone who Has Tested Positive for COVID-19 in A New Government-Back Study Designed to Gather Evidence on Safe Alternatives to Self-Isolation for Persons who Are in Contact With Positive COVID-19 Cases.”

Publiated at Sun, 18 July 2021 08:47:00 +0000

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