Prince Charles 'will only wear a mask when government advice tells him he must'

Prince Charles ‘will only wear a mask when government advice tells him he must’

Prince Charles has no plans to wear a mask unless the government rules insist he does, a royal source has reportedly said.

The Prince of Wales is likely to throw his face mask away for a fundraising event at Exeter Cathedral on Sunday, in tune with the government’s Freedom Day.

Similarly, this is the first event on his agenda that has been announced to the public in advance for several months, with the aim to avoid crowds during the pandemic.

A Daily Mail royal insider said: “This will be the first time in 18 months that we are seeing a return to normality. We’ll be looking forwards, not backwards.

“This is the first time the prince has been to a location inside and won’t be wearing a mask because it’s a large area where people will be social distancing and it will be the first day of the new rules.

“When the rules state that a mask should be worn, then the Prince will wear one but not otherwise.”

The prince is reportedly only going to wear a mask when the government's rules dictate that he must
The prince is reportedly only going to wear a mask when the government’s rules dictate that he must

The Duchess of Cornwall is also thought to be glad about Freedom Day.

At a visit to the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff, she told a student she “can’t wait to get rid of this (mask).”

The government has made July 19 the day when social distancing rules and mask wearing will no longer be required..

While initially put forward as a complete new start with the country having to learn to live with Covid, the government appears to have since taken a more cautious tone and reinforced it will impose a new lockdown if the third wave demands it.

Concern is growing over the rising infection rate, especially the Delta variant, with Covid cases having risen by 71 percent since last Saturday.

It comes also as the Health Secretary Sajid Javid has tested positive for Covid on Saturday having had his two jabs.

The government is now trying to work out who has been in close contact with him and it could lead to several leading figures having to self-isolate.

On Friday Javid was seen leaving Downing Street which could even include the Boris Johnson in the list of those needing to isolate.

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