Tips for luxury hotels: Avoid paying the PS400 service fee

Tips for luxury hotels: Avoid paying the PS400 service fee

The Cliveden House in 17th-century Berkshire, which has 48 luxurious rooms, is now considered one of the most luxurious country houses hotels.

A former flight attendant, now the chief receptionist at Cliveden House, explained that she handles all VIP guests.

She explained that this can prove tricky because she must not only greet but also pay their bills.

It was revealed by her that luxury guests who are “Russians and lottery winners” try to avoid the high service charges after they leave.

For a brief stay, some bills may reach thousands of pounds.

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The receptionist was required to contact customers that had forgotten to pay their beverages bill during the event. This led to the price of the drink going up to PS3,500.

Only the service fee was higher than PS400 for drinks bills.

Cliveden House’s receptionist said that certain guests complain about small things in order to avoid having to pay the service fee.

She explained that some of her guests were unhappy with their service because the water brand they preferred wasn’t available.


She said, “And it is just water!”

A member of staff said that the guests are very demanding.

The butler said that the types of guests at Cliveden House have changed through the years.

The hotel used to be only open to the most wealthy and exclusive guests in years past. But now, it is available for everyone, “from Russians, to lottery winners”, the butler of the hotel explained.

Cliveden House was constructed in 1660 by second Duke of Buckingham.

The gardens and landscape were sculpted by successive owners, creating the most magnificent and luxurious property.

Cliveden House was the place Meghan Markle went to for her last night before becoming the Duchess and she became the Duchess.

The average hotel room costs around PS2,250 per night.

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