Verstappen is released from hospital following a crash

Verstappen is released from hospital following a crash

Max Verstappen tweeted “Cleared From the Hospital After All the Checks Were OK,” on Sunday night. Lewis Hamilton sent his very best wishes, and said “I will Always Race Hard but Always Fairly”

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Max Verstappen hit the barriers after colliding with Lewis Hamilton during the first lap of the British GP, resulting in a red flag

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Max Verstappen hit the barriers after colliding with Lewis Hamilton during the first lap of the British GP, resulting in a red flag
After colliding with Lewis Hamilton on the first lap, Max Verstappen was forced to leave the track. This resulted in a yellow flag

Max Verstappen was released from the hospital following being cleared by doctors after he collided with Lewis Hamilton in the British GP.

Red Bull’s driver, who had hit the Silverstone barriers with a force of 51G during Sunday’s first lap, walked away and was examined at the circuit medial center.

The patient was taken to Coventry Hospital for further evaluation before being released Sunday night.

Red Bull stated that Max has been released from the hospital after a thorough examination and without major injuries.

Max and his Team want to express their gratitude for the exceptional care they received at Silverstone as well at Coventry Hospital.

Jos Verstappen posted a selfie of Verstappen smiling beside his father. Verstappen tweeted “Cleared From the Hospital after all the tests were okay.” We are grateful to all who sent us nice messages and our best wishes.

Verstappen posted a previous post to social media criticizing Hamilton’s handling of the crash. He called Hamilton’s driving “dangerous.” Verstappen also said that Hamilton displayed “disrespectful, unsportsmanlike behavior” during his celebrations following winning the race.

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Karun Chandhok was at the SkyPad to take a closer look at the collision between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen during lap one of the British GP

Karun Chandhok visited the SkyPad in order to examine the collision of Lewis Hamilton with Max Verstappen on lap one at the British GP

‘I will always race hard but always fairly’

Hamilton didn’t know Verstappen was being sent to hospital after the race. Once he learned, Hamilton sent Verstappen his best wishes and promised to message him privately.

Hamilton disagreed with this verdict. However, the Stewards determined that Hamilton was “predominantly to blame” for the accident. Hamilton also didn’t feel that he deserved any apology.

“At night, I didn’t see the footage. Hamilton stated that he had seen a brief clip when he returned to the garage, but that he would go back once he has time to think about it.”

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Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton argues Max Verstappen was too aggressive during the wheel-to-wheel battle in the opening stages of the British Grand Prix

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton claims Max Verstappen was too aggressive in the wheel-to–wheel fight at the British Grand Prix.

According to my understanding at the moment, I don’t believe that I am in a position whereby I have to apologize for any offense. It’s racing.

I heard Max was in the hospital. That concerns me greatly. We don’t want anyone to get hurt, but that wasn’t my intent. He’s fine, I hope so. I will also call him after the event to make sure he is okay.

We live to fight another day. We have to find a good balance between the many difficult races ahead. Although I disagree with the stewards’ decision, I accept my punishment and continue my work.

It’s not something I will be complaining about. Everybody will have their own opinion, and that’s okay. I care not at all about what other people think. I simply do my job and am truly grateful for what I get today.

Hamilton stated that today was a reminder about the risks in his sport. Max, who is an amazing competitor, receives my very best wishes. It’s good to know he is okay.

“I will race hard, but I will also race fair. My team displayed grit, perseverance and determination out there. “It’s an honor to be able to compete in front of my hometown crowd.

Hamilton has slashed Verstappen’s lead in the world championship from 33 points to eight after 10 rounds. The Hungarian GP, a race where Verstappen has won a record 8 times, is next up starting July 30.

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