What is the next PS5 restock date? Stock news for PlayStation 5 UK

What is the next PS5 restock date? Stock news for PlayStation 5 UK

UPDATE TWOPlayStation gamers are getting ready for P55 stock in the UK.

PS5 stock tracker account forecasts will soon be available for the week ahead. This includes potential dates and names for UK retailers who could open orders for Sony’s next generation console.

We do know some dates for stock-hunters of PS5 stocks.

GAME is rumored to have opened orders for the PS5 again, either on Wednesday July 21st or Thursday July 22nd.

Argos is also likely to take orders for the PS5 on their website in the next week.

Argos recently opened up PS5 orders on Fridays again, which could lead to PS5 orders going live on Friday 23 July.

Argos used to distribute more PS5 stock on Tuesdays. We could see an Argos restock of PS5 go live instead on Tuesday, July 20.

Very is rumored to have received orders from the PS5 between Tuesday, July 20, and Wednesday, July 28,




UPDATEThe PS5 has been restocked many times this week, and big retailers like Amazon UK, Smyths Toys, John Lewis opened orders once more for the PS5.

GAME, Argos, and possibly Very could start accepting orders in the UK next week for the highly-demanded PlayStation 5 console.

You can reserve a PS5 at Box.co.uk if you have missed any of the restocks this week.

You can order a PS5 online by entering your email address.

A bundle of PS5 consoles is available through the Box PS5 ballot for PS849.99. The bundle contains a PS5 console and a copy Ratchet & Clank Rift apart. There is also an additional DualSense controller. Also included are a Logitech G923 racing wheels and pedals.

Box explained why it chose a ballot system to stock its next PS5 console.

This ensures that customers don’t have to fight each other over a website under a lot of pressure with large volumes of traffic trying to buy the same product.

Original:When stock is available, the PS5 continues to sell like hot cakes.

The PS5 has been made available for purchase at Amazon UK and Smyths Toys, while stocks are selling quickly.

These restocks, or any recent PS5 stock drops are not available to you. The good news is that the next-generation PS5 console is in high demand and will soon be back in stock here in the UK.

When will the next PS5 stock run? What date will the PS5 become available for purchase in the UK again?

The latest PS5 Stock News for July 2021 is here…

GAME, meanwhile is rumoured also to have opened up PS5 orders once more on Monday July 19.

GAME has updated the PS5 Order Page to include 21 additional purchase options. The PS5 will be available on July 30, 2012.

This PS5 restock is expected to go live either on Wednesday, July 21, or Thursday, July 22.

According to @PS5UKStock, the GAME restocks could be live either on July 21 or 22.

The @PS5StockAlertUK twitter predicted that GAME would again open orders for the PS5 on July 21.

Stock tracker claimed that the GAME next restock will include around 8,000 consoles.

Tweet from @PS5StockAlertUK: “News: GAME has changed their release date to July 30th, which indicates a potential stock drop in the coming week.”

We predict a drop on Wednesday 21 July. With both editions in stock, there could be 8K stocks.

Very is rumoured also to have opened orders for the PS5 in July.

According to @PS5Instant, the shipment of Very PS5 arrived later than normal and will be available between July 20-28.

It is expected that restocking will take place between 8am-11am.

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