Ariel Steltari explains what squats meant to her life before it came to Netflix

“Everything stays the same,” he says with his daring humour. Ariel Stalatari (at 47), Buenos Aires, touring the world of the city of Buenos Aires, during a working day, during busy hours and with a mobilization that stimulates the social mood. Twenty years ago, the same streets and the same voices made him call himself a . was allowed to put in the shoes of Walter, Rollinga dog walker, who was the revelation of squat.

The series that established him as an actor returns to the screen, this time via Netflix (it was on Channel 7 in 2000). They say, Walter’s performance changed his life. Who doesn’t

squat -Available in streaming from this Tuesday 20th- Marked before and after in Argentine television history By becoming the first mini-series to portray the marginalized and deep social decline of 2000s country living.

Franco Tiri and Ariel Staltari in a scene from the series "Squats" produced by Marcello Tinelli.

Franco Tiri and Ariel Staltari in a scene from the series “Squats” produced by Marcello Tinelli.

your director, Bruno Stagnaro, recognized on more than one occasion that squat as well as the way the stories of marginalized characters were told both meant a starting point the inclusion of an obscene language that did not yet exist in fantasies. the story of squat It is valid till date.

Together eleven chapters, tells the story of Ricardo (Rodrigo de la Serna), a middle-class young man who quickly becomes Close friendship with three strangers: Walter, El Polo and El Chiqui, with whom you will live intense moments and adventures while exposed to suffering, guilt, addictions, as well as the love and loyalty of a coexisting group.

“I understood why he had come into the world”, this is how he described his feeling. Ariel Stalatari when the recording squat And he eventually found a place in the arts.

his past does not condemn him

A native of the suburbs, like many of his performances, he was born in the center of the citadel, in the Posadas Hospital. Because he has the use of logic, he walks the streets who knew how to guide him when he had to put himself in the shoes of the system’s “marginalized” characters. The performance saved him from the miseries of life and the “epidemics” that he had to fight long before adopting the character.

The cast of "Okupas" at the 2001 Martin Fierro party.

The cast of “Okupas” at the 2001 Martin Fierro party.

-How do you experience the resurrection of “Okupas”?

With many emotions that attack me. My first feeling is that of justice, of peace, that the series was in a terrifying quality and was lost in various places, and now at last it can be said that It will be seen in excellent quality. So the first feeling I have is of justice, of peace.

-How is your present? How did the pandemic affect your life?

Working in this context is almost an obscenity, but, well, I had my own epidemics too In the past and for a long time where things didn’t work out and there was a lot of pain, so I let myself enjoy it too.

-Pandemic affected many industries

-Yes, and the fact of being without work is a great epidemic for which there is no vaccine, and it is happening, and the truth is that I hope it will be less and less, but the arts sector has always been very much in our environment. is punished. He was already half bad for a few years and it gave him a knock out blow.

Friends in Fiction: Franco Tiri, Diego Alonso, Rodrigo de la Serna and Ariel Staltari.

Friends in Fiction: Franco Tiri, Diego Alonso, Rodrigo de la Serna and Ariel Staltari.

Considering such a difficult panorama, have you come to reconsider your artistic career?

And the uncertainty, not knowing where to go, often makes you doubt whether one should devote oneself to the arts. But in reality it is a false suspicion, because you already know that you have to devote yourself to it. The only thing you want to do and the only thing you breathe and vibrate for is acting, art, now writing and teaching. So he really couldn’t lie more to me.

– What did you find in art?

Art is that… Art tends to heal wounds to make life better and that’s what I tell my students. If art does not stimulate that revolutionary fact of producing structural change in your life, then art will have no meaning.

I was 25 and many dreams when It is found out that he is ill with cancer and will have to undergo cancer treatment. to save his life and fight against him acute lymphoblastic leukemia (All). Despite the disastrous prognosis of the doctors, he was able to fight the disease and life rewarded him. Among other things, and around that time, with the casting squat.

-You had to heal a very hard wound

Finding out that you’re in your twenties with cancer isn’t easy. I was the kind of person who despised that inner voice, because I didn’t have the self-esteem that allowed me to value it. However, when you receive a blow that drops you, with little to no fall, you have no choice but to listen to that sound.

-Did that inner voice tell you to go in for acting?

– I understood why he had come to this life. Being aware at age 25 that knowing why you came into this life is a game no one wins. When I was overcoming I started studying acting with Lito Cruz and then came the auditions squats.

-Do you believe that “ocupas” marked a before and after in the way fiction was made in Argentina?

squat It was a starting point in terms of fiction. It was also used for debate. What surprised me was how others always set it up as a fantasy that changed the way fiction is created in our country, and it also fills you with pride.

-Do you see a similarity between that reality, the reality of 2001, and the reality now?

-Watching squat Looking back today, I think there are things that are still valid, others are not so much and some make you feel a little sad in terms of context and social issues. But I think the great value of the series is another.

Ariel Staltari addressed the marginalization with her character Loquillo in "A Rooster for Aesculapius".

Ariel Staltari addressed the marginalization with her character Loquillo in “A Rooster for Aesculapius”.

-Which ones?

bond of friendship Of these four children, to me, is the great story of squat, a gesture of friendship of four people who have nothing to do with each other anymore, but Get a Solid Core That Leads to an Epic Ending. Friendship is very important for Argentina.

– What about Ariel in Walter’s character?

There is always something in all my creations, because I am the one who basically lends itself to my face, body, emotions and life. I can lend some of my feelings to those characters and it happens to me, looking at Walter in perspective. I see a nice, fresh, innocent child, eager to be happy, to play without suffering, without jealousy, without competition. I see him as a very healthy and pure person. Despite the fact that he was a bully and would open his mouth and say things that were not politically correct in inappropriate places.

– What was the most valuable message that allowed you to get into that character’s skin?

-It allowed me to be the artist I am today. Walter opened the door to a more complete artist, more mature and with a different perspective. Even in the role of teacher at my school or in recent years as a screenwriter, he molded the artist I am today. I know I’m going to die being an artist for that Walter who knew how to open the door Amazing as acting for a place and a profession.

You grew up in the suburbs and one might say that was the background for your television shows.

-That Transit Through the Suburbs Improved My Boarding in All Kinds of Pieces, not only in characters who belong to the margins. I believe there are times when passing through General Paz 10 minutes away paints the same color and that time, when we used to squat, many people didn’t know. they were saying ‘Does this happen here?’ ‘Yes, take Bondi, go and see how it goes’.

If you could choose one legend to explain in a biopic, which one would you do?

I consider myself an actor who can play a variety of roles and it’s time to prove it. norberto pappo napolitano, although I don’t know if it ages me. Some famous drummers.

with music in the soul

When Ariel turned 16, she found her first love: drums. Formation of “Dogs of the Night”, a rock band with his best friend, in which he toured all the bars in the western part of Buenos Aires, without knowing that it would be the prelude to an artistic career full of successes and secrets.

Rock was your first love….

Without a doubt, rock was my first love, my drum. It’s a task that I have pending: mixing what is rock with acting and writer. I would like to tell a story which is related to the field of rock.

– What does sucess mean to you?

Only those who were about to leave can understand what is important in life. For me Success is the reward of great sacrifice and suffering and commitment That you put what you face in life. If you do your best, if you sacrifice yourself, if you believe in yourself, then sooner or later those things work and that result can turn into success. Basically, being able to live what you love and what you love is priceless, you can’t pay anything.

Ariel Staltari with Peter Lanzani in "A Rooster for Aesculapius".

Ariel Staltari with Peter Lanzani in “A Rooster for Aesculapius”.

Actor, who also played Luis Cala pointerYears later, he ventured into the world of writing A Rooster for Aesculapius, where he was a screenwriter and actor, under the skin of loquillo.

Now he is preparing to rock the fourth season marginal, with Bruno Stagnaro ending his second script, which will be the series everlasting, and is still in his refuge, the Bernardino Rivadavia library, where teaches acting classes. A present fueled by a profound past, both at work and emotionally.

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