Carbon Neutrality Boosts the Rapid Growth of Electric Vehicle

Vertexcom GreenPHY Chip Wins Automotive Chip Innovation Award

Vertexcom GreenPHY SoC, MSE1021/MSE1022 is compliant with HomePlug® GreenPHY standard. GreenPHY has become the core of ISO15118-3 (DIN70121), the data communication standard for CCS systems.”
— Dr. Alex Chen, the senior vice president of Vertexcom Technologies

HSINCHU, TAIWAN, July 19, 2021 / — “The 8th Automotive Electronics Innovation Forum(AEIF)” is held in Suzhou, China on July 15. In the exhibition, Vertexcom Technologies exhibits a high-speed power line communication chip that complied with the HomePlug® GreenPHY standard and the CCS electric vehicle charging system communication protocol, ISO15118-3. After the fierce competition, the product stands out from the 30 shortlists and wins the TOP 10 automotive chip innovation award. “AEIF” is held concurrently with the “China Integrated Circuit Design Innovation Conference and IC Application Expo (ICDIA)”. The conference invites more than 2,000 people from vehicles, Tier 1 automotive electronics, car networking, and IC design, Vertexcom products receive warm inquiries from the audience.Dr. Alex Chen, the senior vice president of Vertexcom Technologies states that Vertexcom GreenPHY SoC, MSE1021/MSE1022 is compliant with HomePlug® GreenPHY standard. GreenPHY has become the core of ISO15118-3 (DIN70121), the data communication standard for CCS systems. Every electric vehicle with fast DC charging will need an EVCC (Electric Vehicle Communication Controller) module supporting ISO15118, and every charging station, including household ones, that supports fast DC charging also needs an SECC (Supply Equipment Communication Controller) module. Vertexcom GreenPHY SoC MSE1021 and MSEX24 (line driver) can be used for SECC, while MSE1022 and MSEX25 can be used in the vehicle. The chip design meets the requirements of high throughput and low latency and is suitable for the high-speed power line communication (PLC) market, including automotive, industrial, and consumer applications.

Vertexcom GreenPHY SoC is compliant with AEC-Q100 grade 2 test and ASPICE level 1 evaluation and has achieved mass production. Dr. Alex Chen further points out that only AEC-Q100 grade 2 qualified chips can meet the requirements for most mission profiles. In addition, Vertexcom GreenPHY SoC has done reliability test with Tj up to 145°C, which would meet the most stringent requirements of OEM/ODM. Vertexcom GreenPHY also supports fast / turbo mode to provide bandwidth for innovative applications and is being used as a reference for the development of next-generation standards.

Dr. Alex Chen says that Vertexcom keeps the original R&D team of HomePlug technology, thus can provide customers with high-quality, direct, and effective technical support and service. Vertexcom also provides production tools to help customers to shorten their design-in process. Vertexcom GreenPHY SoC has been shipped to customers in Europe and Asia in volume, with the advantages of stable interoperability and high reliability of software and hardware.

At present, all countries actively implement carbon reduction policies. China declares to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060 and reach its peak in 2030. European Union raises its carbon emission target to 55%. At the end of March this year, US President Biden announced to invest $ 174 billion in the field of electric vehicles to promote the localization of the electric vehicle industry chain and increase the infrastructure construction of charging piles. At the climate summit in April, Biden announced that carbon emissions will be reduced by 50% to 52% in 2030. In addition, as battery technology evolves and costs continue to decline, electric vehicles will grow rapidly in the next 10 years. Vertexcom is willing to help the development of charging system for electric vehicles with more than ten years of R & D and application experience in Homeplug PLC products.

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