Christian Horner blasts Lewis Hamilton's "desperate" behavior - "That's an empty victory."

Christian Horner blasts Lewis Hamilton’s “desperate” behavior – “That’s an empty victory.”

Christian Horner attacks Lewis Hamilton’s “desperate” – “That’s an empty victory.”

Christian Horner blasts Lewis Hamilton's "desperate" behavior - "That's an empty victory."

Christian Horner has attacked Lewis Hamilton, calling him ‘desperate’ and calling him a ‘destroyer’ following Max Verstappen’s accident with Lewis Hamilton on lap one of the British Grand Prix. Horner called the victory ‘hallow’, and said he’d ‘put another competitor at risk’ by his actions.

Verstappen, a seven-time champion of the world, made a strong start against his main title challenger.

Hamilton and Hamilton went side-by-side in close racing, while Hamilton was seated under a fire in front of his family.

However, disaster struck when Hamilton’s front right tire made contact with Verstappen’s rear left Red Bull. This sent Verstappen spinning into the barriers at Turn 9 of the first lap.

Red Bull instantly contacted the race director and immediately raised the red flag. Hamilton was then placed under fire.

Red Bull boss Max said to Sky Sports F1: “Max has suffered a 51g injury. Lewis Hamilton, an eight-time champion of the world, shouldn’t make such manoeuvres. This is unacceptable.

Link” data-name=”Lewis Hamilton reacts to Max Verstappen crash and iconic win” href=”” target=”_blank”>Lewis Hamilton reacts to Max Verstappen crash and iconic win

Thank goodness, the best result is that he’s not injured, but he has to be admitted to the hospital to undergo [precautionary] checks.

Lewis must be very content with himself because he put a wheel on the inside of a corner where you know that you won’t. In those conditions, you don’t put a wheel on the inside of Copse.

He was not even close to him, contact was left front-right rear and they are travelling at the same speed, making it one of the most exciting corners in the championship.

“Lewis is an experienced driver who knows that this move is unacceptable. I’m disappointed, however, that someone of his caliber would make it.”

Hamilton gets British Grand Prix Penalty for Verstappen Crash

It’s risky, he put another competitor at danger, it seemed desperate, and fortunately he wasn’t hurt. Max is being treated in the hospital.

“I don’t care about what Lewis says, take a look at your analysis and draw your own conclusions. For me that’s hollow victory.”

Hamilton was given a 10-second penalty for colliding with Verstappen. Horner said that he did not believe this punishment was sufficient.

He said, “It was not much of a punishment really,” he continued.

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Dr. Ian Roberts was the FIA Formula One medical rescue coordinator and was asked about Verstappen’s condition in the immediate aftermath.

Sky Sports reported that he was “a bit winded, to be exact.” He got some help from Sky Sports and went to the hospital to get the routine checks-ups.

It looked like we were watching a movie roll as we came around the corner.

It was not, however it had a very impressive impact on the tires.

Silverstone circuit was the scene of drama for the world’s seven-time champion. 140,000 spectators watched as the action unfolded.

Red Bull also saw a huge reduction in Red Bull’s lead in the Constructors Championship, to four points.

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