Christian Horner charges Toto Wolff with ‘unacceptable actions’ following the Max Verstappen crash


Christian Horner charges Toto Wolff with 'unacceptable actions' following the Max Verstappen crash

Hamilton and Verstappen clashed while they fought for position heading into Turn Nine at Copse Corner. The Dutchman hit the wall hard, bringing out red flags, and Hamilton was taken to hospital for observation.

Hamilton managed to finish the race with minimal damage to his car and, despite being given a ten second penalty for causing a crash, won Silverstone in front of home fans.

During the red flag period, when the incident was first under investigation Horner could be heard yelling at Michael Masi, FIA race director, that he hoped they would deal with it “appropriately”, firmly blaming Hamilton.

Moments later Wolff presented Hamilton’s innocence before the FIA. He asked Masi if he had received his email that contained “the diagrams” showing where the tyres should be.

Link” data-name=”Mercedes chief Toto Wolff gives blunt response to Red Bull ” href=”” target=”_blank”>Mercedes chief Toto Wolff gives blunt response to Red Bull

“I wanted to ensure there was a balanced opinion – rather that pressure the stewards into giving them a menial sentence.”

Horner, speaking to the media, was informed that Masi had instructed Wolff and that he was told to talk to the stewards should he have a problem.

Horner, however, dismissed this excuse.

Horner repeated, “I don’t believe stewards shouldn’t be interfered with,” Horner said.

“They must be clear-headed to make these decisions. I went to see them after I heard that Toto was up there, presenting an argument.

Published Mon, 19 July 2021 at 11:31:00 +0000

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