covid haunts netflix

On bridgerton The recording was interrupted after the second case of Kovid was registered among the technical team. news . spread through the portal of Hello Magazine.

representatives of Netflix And the main producer of the series confirmed the matter and left Every thing to support From Saturday. But nothing else came to light. Didn’t give any details either.

So much so that if earlier there was talk of “technical personnel” being affected by the virus, it cannot be ruled out now. “a member of the cast”. The only certainty is that the person is “isolated”.

"Bridgeton" is one of Netflix

“Bridgeton” is one of Netflix’s hits.

bad streak for the people of bridgertonAbout the series eight brothers of a mighty family (Bridgeton), lost souls trying to find the love and happiness of London’s high society bygone times. bad streak because recording he started again Last Friday, after another member of the team tested positive for Covid. It didn’t last long.

even though bridgerton Entirely recorded in the UK, concerns about new delta version They are spreading fast, they are increasing.

Earlier this week there were reports of various events and recordings that also had to be canceled in the vicinity of Hollywood. Serious concerns are being raised around the world about the spread of Delta, a variant that can be tackled with known vaccines, but It is more contagious than the original version of the virus.

In the first season, Penelope and Eloise discover the identity of Lady Whistledown.  netflix photo

In the first season, Penelope and Eloise discover the identity of Lady Whistledown. netflix photo

According to hello magazineNetflix executives are “really concerned” about the constant interruptions that are postponing the new season of bridgerton

and one more case

The pandemic woes are not stopping on film sets and the favorite victim appears to be Netflix.

hours ago, star platform also announced a halt to the filming of the musical adaptation of matilda, written by classic Roald put.

Emma Thompson will play Pam Ferris (Teacher Tronchatoro) in the remake of "Matilda".  photo clarin archive

Emma Thompson will play Pam Ferris (Teacher Tronchatoro) in the remake of “Matilda”. photo clarin archive

a covid test that came back positive Recording froze. According to close people, they can be “up to ten days” Wait until subsequent test results give unexpected results.matilda It will hit theaters in the UK and Ireland, with a world premiere on Netflix.

The new version is based on West End music.. A story written by Dahl in 1988 a . follows the options young book lover Whose intelligence leads him to develop strange and fantastic telekinetic powers.

How would Emma be in Tronchatoro's body?  photo clarin archive

How would Emma be in Tronchatoro’s body? photo clarin archive

Emma Thompson It will be Miss Trunchbull, the insidious headmistress of Matilda’s school. And it will not be an easy task as the evil character had big questions. The story was criticized over the years for showing the emotional abuse of a group of children in such a brutal way.

The film – for now – is still scheduled for its premiere. December 2022.

in the last hours, Cases rise in Britain around the delta version and, in theory, damages the prime minister’s image boris johnson, which lifted all COVID-19 restrictions and allowed large events such as the UEFA European Championship.


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