Covid is launching a new US offensive, tearing apart the country’s political divisions.


Covid is launching a new US offensive, tearing apart the country’s political divisions.

Facebook and President Joe Biden are locked in an argument over misinformation regarding vaccines. Donald Trump is now joining the fray, linking the Big Lie he made about election fraud with Biden’s handling of the Covid-19 crises in a manner that could lead to more vaccine hesitancy, which is causing thousands to be infected.
Trump proteges, conservative pundits and would-be presidential contenders have all already profited from skepticism about vaccines. New fears about a return of masks and physical separation in Covid hot areas, where many have rejected vaccines, is reviving political divisions. Rising political tension threatens to undermine and reverse Biden’s initial success in distributing vaccines and slowing the spread of the virus, just two weeks after he declared his partial independence from Covid-19. This could pose serious challenges to the White House in case of an epidemic or death in the next few weeks.
Even though many people who get sick are Republicans opposed to vaccination, they aren’t his voters. Any reimposed restrictions or business closings can disrupt the recovery the President relies on for the next year’s midterm election boost. A rapid rise in infection would be dangerous for children not yet eligible for vaccination. It could also cause serious disruptions to education, which can lead to irreparable educational loss. The pernicious Delta variant of the virus is an indication that more dangerous forms of this disease are possible when the virus is more widespread. While vaccine skeptics may act in the spirit of individual rights but their decisions can have a significant impact on every American, particularly if there is a resistant variant.
The United States is seeing an increase in cases, which seems to be a sad moment in the long-running fight against pandemics around the world. The remaining Covid-19 restrictions in England are set to be removed on Monday, despite the soaring number of infections. London’s government hopes that it can break the connection between infection and death due to a successful vaccine campaign. Tokyo’s opposition to the Olympic Games has grown due to the identification of cases among athletes. A lack of vaccines has left a lot of the developing world extremely vulnerable.

False information ‘costs lives’

Biden’s administration is aware of both the political and public health risks involved in social media. On Sunday’s CNN “State of the Union”, Dr. Vivek Muthy (US Surgeon General) defended Biden who on Friday stated that social media platforms were “killing people” because they allow vaccine misinformation to be spread via their networks. Murthy stated that although Big Tech has made efforts to improve their services, “it’s still not enough”.
We know health misinformation can harm people’s health. They lose their lives,” Murthy said to CNN’s Dana Bash.
Facebook responded furiously and in anger to Biden’s appeal. This could have been a sign of frustration from the President about the fact that such a small percentage of people refuse to receive safe, effective, free vaccines.
President Biden had set a goal for 75% of Americans to get vaccinated before July 4. Facebook was not responsible for this failure,” Guy Rose (Facebook’s vice-president of integrity) wrote Saturday in a Facebook post.
Biden was accused of placing blame on a few social media sites at a moment when Covid-19-related deaths are increasing. The White House tried not to politicize the pandemic, arguing that it could increase vaccine hesitancy. However, the White House’s decision to send in teams to states that are suffering from severe pandemics to promote lifesaving vaccines prompted outrage among conservatives and false accusations that it was trying to make people take their vaccinations.
Trump was a man who put his political agenda above the proper management of the crisis during his presidency. On Sunday, Trump weighed in on the matter, and an attack on Biden is likely to inspire his supporters as well as conservative media propagandists.
Trump stated in a statement that “people are refusing the Vaccine” because they do not trust Trump’s Administration. He also said they didn’t believe the election results and don’t believe the Fake News.
Former President often praises his administration’s accomplishments of working with the private sector in producing Covid-19 vaccines within record time. He spends less time convincing his supporters to get vaccined in ways that could help stop the pandemic.
Former Surgeon General Jerome Adams was one of the key architects of Trump’s anti-Covid erratic efforts. He has been warning in recent days that masking might need to be reintroduced in certain areas. He stated that he regrets the advice he and Dr. Anthony Fauci gave in early stages of the pandemic about masks being unnecessary. Later evidence showed that masks can help to prevent infection.
Adams wrote, “I am concerned that the CDC made a similar premature, misinterpreted but still dangerous call on masking (the face of) the delta variant.”
Murthy spoke on “State of the Union” and said that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, which told Americans who have been fully immunized they don’t need to wear masks and socially distant were meant to allow people living in areas with lower Covid-19 levels to be flexible.
Murthy stated, “When you look at places such as L.A. County, or other parts of America, and you see counties making decisions regarding masks that might be different than other counties, it’s okay.” They are based upon what is happening in their local communities and based on case counts and vaccination rates.
The idea of masking was reintroduced, however, drew swift criticism from Sen. Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican. This demonstrates how politically charged the next stage of the pandemic will be.
No. “No. No. No.

US General Surgeon: “I am concerned”

Misinformation is causing more and more problems. Murthy painted an alarming picture of the dangers that lie ahead for the US after weeks of good news about vaccines, and the return to normality of life were ruined by the Delta variant.
Murthy said that he was worried about the future because he is seeing more cases among unvaccinated people.
While you may be protected from hospitalization or death if your child is vaccinated, it’s not true for those who aren’t.
According to Johns Hopkins University data, new Covid-19 cases have been reported in all 50 US states. Because the virus is evolving, it now attacks younger people. Many hotspots have reopened covid wards. Infections are rising in Louisiana and California, as well as elsewhere. Most of the deaths and serious illnesses are caused by unvaccinated people. It is therefore vital that we speed up our inoculation efforts.
Scott Gottlieb, former US Food and Drug Administration Commissioner said that the United States is facing an epidemic of the “unvaccinated”
Gottlieb stated that most people would either be vaccinated, have already been infected or get the Delta variant. He also said it was a scary scenario and noted that there is not enough testing to determine the exact number of cases.
There is hope that the current 48.6% vaccination rate will mean that the last wave of pandemic deaths can be prevented. 20 states, most of which are run by Democrats, have vaccinated over 50% of their residents. Many others, particularly in the conservative southern states, are yet to fully vaccine even 40% of their population. This means that the potential victims of the Delta virus remain significant.
After a low of 8,000 just a month back, the daily average number of infections has risen to more than 39,000 per days. Although death rates have been increasing, they are often a few weeks later than the infection spikes.

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