Freddie Mercury’s second woman after Mary ‘They fell in love, but she was wilder than him.

Freddie Mercury’s second woman after Mary ‘They fell in love, but she was wilder than him.

Although It’s A Hard Life is most well-known for its graphically OTT video, Freddie’s friend Brian May thinks it’s also one of the most stunning compositions. The Queen frontman is heard singing the heartfelt and iconic line “Two Lover” together. He is seen looking up at the glamorous and voluptuous woman who sits on the balcony in front of him. Barbara Valentin was the woman who spent two years in Munich with Freddie. He was always close to her, and she was invited to his final birthday party.

It’s A Hard Life 1984 is released this weekend. Freddie lived in Munich at the time. The German city was first discovered by Freddie in 1979, when he recorded The Game at Musicland Studios.

Freddie was a celebrity, so it became increasingly difficult for him to maintain privacy in the UK while he explored his sexuality. He was offered freedom and opportunities by Munich’s gay scene.

The star moved to Munich with his new friend Barbara from 1983-1985.

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Barbara, a blonde bombshell and sexy star in Germany was well-known as the provocative star of sensual films. Freddie loved Barbara’s outrageous personality and believed he had found his love.

Peter Freestone, his PA and close friend said that they had the best relationship. They shared a bed at least 100 percent of the time, as I have seen. “

Peter Straker (West End star) said that another friend of his had told him: “He just met this woman, who was bigger than life.” Barbara’s outrageous behavior was unheard of. “She was the queen nudity.”

Wayne Sleep, Royal Ballet’s star dancer added that “Freddie was in a relationship with a woman.” “There you are. This boy ?.'” is not at all predictable, is he?

A friend shared the following: “It almost seemed like he liked being with someone with a wilder reputation.


Except that Freddie was gay. Wayne Sleep thought Freddie had slept in the same bed as Barbara. He spent many nights at Stollberg Strasse with Barbara. __S.31__

He said, “I was not sitting in the same room.” If sex took place, I cannot tell you if it was. If it did, Freddie would not have kept quiet.

Freddie had a long-term relationship with Winnie Kirschberger (the local restaurateur), even though neither of them spoke German.

Barbara had no doubt about Freddie’s sexuality, regardless of her feelings. Barbara, like Mary, loved and supported Freddie and provided personal and vital support to their relationship.

Freestone stated that it was often funny to see the arguments taking place. Barbara had to put up with the screams of Winnie and Freddie, who would shout at each other. “

Although it was a very intense time in Freddie’s career, the star began to feel homesick after Mary completed the renovations of his London home, One Garden Lodge in Kensington.

Jim Hutton was introduced to the scene as a Londoner. He was able to end their turbulent relationship. Freddie did not move into the apartment he purchased with Barbara, and he returned to the UK. Freddie remained close with Barbara throughout his entire life, even though he broke up with Winnie. She flew to visit him in 1990.

In September 1990, Freddie hosted his final birthday party. It was a formal, elegant dinner. He would become very ill the next year.

Dave Clarke was his close friend and man at his side during his death. He recalled a night filled with the people Freddie loved, such as Barbara who sat beside him along with Mary.

Clarke stated that he invited only 30 close friends to his birthday party. Joe Fanelli prepared 30 courses and paired them with 30 wines.

Freddie passed away in November 2002. Barbara suffered a stroke and died on February 22, 2002.

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