‘It’s just horrendous’: Brit trapped in Spain quarantine hotel for 11 days warns others

On one day, Gabrielle even says she was left without water for some time.

“I ran out of water on Monday and it was our third day. I couldn’t get through to reception so Georgia it’s lucky we can see each other over the balcony.

“I was so stressed and had a headache, not a covid headache, just completely stressed.

“Georgia managed to get through and the security man was saying: ‘We’re closed’ Georgia said: ‘No, she needs water.’

“Then about 10 minutes later he stormed up.

“I opened the door and I didn’t have my mask on at first and he just went mad about it. First that I didn’t have my mask on, and second that they were closed.”

While the experience has been far from enjoyable, the holidaymaker warned Britons that the quarantine experience in Spain is actually longer than the anticipated 10 days.

“It’s 11 days in the covid hotel. They say it is 10 days but they have day 0 to day 10,” she explained.

“We were meant to come home so we had our flight home booked and we had to quickly cancel it yesterday and rebook another one.”

Published at Mon, 19 Jul 2021 10:32:00 +0000

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